Dubai Haul | Topshop, Sephora, Boots, etc…

So I have realized that I have never done a haul post before which I was surprised to find out, and since I was in Dubai and went a little overboard on the shopping and I justified it by telling myself that everything was on sale and that I had to get it.
Warning: this is going to be long.

so the first thing i went to was topshop and of course i looked at the sale first and then went over to the full priced items so while i was in the sale i saw this jacket which i had my eye on online but never purchased when i saw it was on sale i immediately picked it up. the second thing i found from the sale was this maroon sweater which will be worn a tun and i picked up two pairs of shoes the first ones are heels that I've seen on people like Beyonce and Eleanor (below picture) and the second ones are these too perfect for me to say no to, KG Kurt Geiger shoes that are just i cant put my emotions into words. i also picket up a tee from the topman sale and its just plain but can be worn whenever which i'm a big fan of, on the whole plain side i happened to get a camel shirt which is very soft and so extremely nice on. i also get a new pair of Joni jeans (yayyy!).

Next I went to sephora I got 3 makeup things which are urban decay naked3, benefit's boi-ing and gimme brows, and I got 3 nail varnishes OPI Lincoln park after dark, sephora nail lacquer in red excess and ciate in dangerous affair.

I also went to miss Selfridge and I picked up this mustered sweater that would look perfect with anything really.

have you noticed that I'm trying to do a pattern? like fashion, beauty, fashion, beauty... and so now i have more makeup while in boots i got a few things from the rimmel counter because of the 2 for 3 deal thing they have i got 3 lipsticks the first one is from the Kate moss collection in 10, the next one is lasting finish lipstick in sweetie, and then the moisture renew in sloane's plum they are all quite dark colors but i am liking that, i also picked up two things from soap and glory and they are the righteous butter which is my fav and a full sized hand food because mine has almost vanished.

I can never go into a h&m and not get anything so I ended up getting two things, Chelsea boots which are amazing and I cant even explain how much I love them, and some rings because I really like their rings.

If you recall in my christmas wish list I said I wanted the les beiges Chanel powder and I finally got it at the airport because I could wait to be honest and I have not yet tried it because it's so pretty.

I couldn't not enter forever 21 and I couldn't not buy anything so picked up a few things I got a tartan sweater, and a back to the future sweater which is one of my favorite movies, I also got this fox ring. 

I couldn't resist not going to lush, and they had their valentines collection out so I picked up the prince charming shower gel which smells amazing, and I also got my favorite soap ever the god mother, while I was there I decided to pick up a new bubblegum lip scrub because mine is quite old.

and while i was on my way back i saw the l'oreal counter and couldn't not pick up something so i got these lip stains and i do't know what they are called tbh but they are honestly amazing and i don't know why i haven't tried these before i got the shades Juliet, eve, and romy. i honestly blame essiebotton for this one because i saw here talk about it in one of here videos and i had to get it and it called lump magique in light and i don't need thing i mean its kinda like my touché éclat and i just don't even know.

I got another single eyeshadow from mac and its in all that glitters which is gorgeous and I am totally in love with it. 

The last thing I didn't really get it from Dubai I actually got it in the mail the day after I got back and its this lovely fujifilm instant camera in pink because why the hell not and it's so pretty and perfect and I just cant even ahh. 

Have you gone as crazy as me this january? 

Rita x 


  1. I am SO jealous of this haul! The heels in particular are amazing and the tartan sweater :)
    KJ xo

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