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So as many of you may know by now I went on a holiday to London a few weeks ago and now I finally came around to doing the haul, as I had a few things that I needed to upload first. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and it gives you some inspiration or something.


I'm gonna start off with the brand I got the most stuff from and thats Tanya Burr Cosmetics where I got 4 lip glosses in 'exotic island' 'afternoon tea' 'aurora' and 'champagne toast' which if you remember I actually reviewed a while ago and they are so pretty so I had to pick up 4, it was extremely necessary. I also got two pairs of lashes, I got the Bambi Eyes and the individual lashes which if I have never tired (that is false lashes) and these just looked so pretty and I am very excited to try them out. the last thing I got was one of her nail varnishes in the shade New York Night 

I got three things from Soap and Glory, the first one is Lid Stuff in 'What's Nude' which is the best quad I could think of and almost all the shades are dupes for MAC eyeshadows, they are all so pigmented and look gorgeous. since my brow wiz was at its last few strokes I had to pick up a new brow product and decided to go for something new like this Archery pencil in brownie points which has two ends one with a pencil and one with a tint. I also picked up the thick and fast mascara in film noir which I have heard amazing reviews on and I'm excited to try out. i also got a new one of the heel genius because I was running low on mine and i love this foot cream.

I have been always debating whether to buy this or not and thats the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in ivory but I picked it up and all I could say it seems pretty great. I also picked up the stay matte powder which haven't used it ages and it's actually pretty great.

I also got three things from the zoella collection, I got one of her makeup bags, the one with the cute little hamster on it, mainly because i couldn't find any of the other ones. I also got the blissful mistful which actually smells really nice and fresh. the creamy madly dreamy body lotion is really nice because it's really moisturizing and it also smells like Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume which is my favorite so I love it.


I picked up one thing from sleek and it's the contouring and blush palette in fair which is the best thing I've tried, I brought with me my hoola bronzer and I didn't really like it and so I started using this and I love it so much.

From bourgeois I got the healthy mix foundation in 51 which I think is amazing and you will hear me babble about this a lot.

I also got the collection lasting perfection concealer in cool medium which is the best concealer I've ever tried and its super blendable and its very creamy which is why everyone always raves about it.

Lily pebbles wrote a blog post about how these new max factor blushes resemble the hourglass ones which as you may know I am a huge fan of, they are called the creme puff blush in nude mauve  and so I will give it a go and then report back.

I also picked up two nail varnishes and I will put them in one paragraph, I got the Barry M belly hi-shine in blueberry which I love the color of so much. I also got the topshop matte nail polish in dress up which is a gorgeous maroon color which is perfect for winter.


Now on to the high end stuff, I got another benefit porefessional primer because I ran out of the other one I had and this is the only primer which I honestly love using.

From space nk I picked up one of the By Terry ombre backstair in bronze moon which is the single greatest product for an easy and pretty smokey eye look in the matter of a few seconds .


I also got the NARS audacious lipstick in Rita which I like because 1. It has the same name as me. 2. It's such a pretty and perfect red.


I got three things from charlotte tilbury which are  first, one of the matte revolution lipsticks in the shade Glastonberry which is a killer purple with the most amazing packaging. I also picked up one of the Rock 'n' Kohl eye pencil in Elizabeth Violet which is a purple shade put it almost looks brown when I have it on. the last thing I got is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow which is the most beautiful thing, I frankly haven't using it yet but it looks amazing.

I picked up one thing from lush and thats the honey I washed the kids which I have never tried before but I must say it smells amazing.

From the kiehl's counter in Selfridges I picked up the avocado eye treatment which I have been using lately and I must say it's really great and worth every buck spent on it.




Okay so I'm going to start with topshop and the first thing I got is this high neck sweater which is black and white and is high-low as the cut, I wore this a couple time already and its super comfortable and I really like it.

I also got a high neck cropped sweater which is maroon and is super cropped, it also looks really nice with some high waisted jeans and a little skin showing.


I got two black jeans, one which is the regular ones I always wear and they are the Joni and the second one is a pair of mom jeans which I feel in love with after having tried them on.

From the flagship store in oxford street I got this black sweater from the brand illustrated people which said weirdo in some asian language.


From the brand neon rose in topshop I got this pale blue dress with cutouts on the shoulders and on the back and it's a skater dress which looks amazing on.


I also picked up this sheer navy and white collared shirt which is kinda silky and very flawy so it'll look good with practically anything.

I got two shirts which have the same design but in different colors, a black one and a green one which are both of a tea cup design and are bowed at the back.

I also got this maroon shirt which is also cropped and super sparkly so I think it'll look nice on nights out as well.

this cropped sweater which is high necked and is navy blue and white stripes on it and its actually really cute on.

Urban Outfitters;

I got this tank top which is velvet and I think it'll look nice under other sweaters especially ones which are sorta shoulder with a large neck hole.


I got this navy blue shirt that is a cropped tee and has green lips on it with pink and purple and it looks really lovely on especially with my skin tone.

Who doesn't need a black tee? No one. So I obviously had to buy one and so I got one from the men's section and it has a little pocket on it which I like.

I also got this white tee which is huge on me and I love it! It has a floral X on one side and then a huge one on the back.

This purple/maroon shirt is a cropped tee that has silver threads that are textured which look like some type of shimmer. I though this shirt would look great on a night out where I don't really want to wear a dress and this is extremely simple so it can be dressed up or down.

American Apparel;

After trying on about 5 black sweaters I finally settled on one which is the black fishermen's sweater. I already have two of these in different colors and so black had to be next.


I got a lot of PJs from primark which I won't show you but I did get a onesie, a pink one that is leopard print and the hoodie has two little ears on it and I'm in love with it.

I also got this grey sweater that has a sheer collar and a sheer white back which looks really nice and its super pretty on and I really like it.

I got this shirt and I think its super cute, it basically has a tun of different emojis on it and it's a t-shirt. I think this would be great for working out or for sleeping in.


I got quite a few t-shirts because they were like 3.99 pounds which is why I got like 5. The first one I got  has like a fashion fact thing which is a graphic tee.

I got this t-shirt with a sentence on it and I thought this would be cool to layer as its another graphic tee and it would also look pretty cool with a flannel or something.

I got another tee which is grey and has black sleeves which are made of a different material which makes the very basic tee have a bit more texture.

I also got a white sweater which is textured and half of it is patterned and so it has a lot of various textures and prints so it looks really cool.

i got a half sleeved shirt that is striped and says 'so fresh and so sweet' in red in a comic book-y look with yellow on the outside.


when i saw the store at westfield i had to take a peak and i ended up picking up a few clothing items. i got two boyfriend sweatpants because they are my favorite and are so comfortable. i got one in grey with a stripe on it and another green one which was on sale

i also got a shirt that says 'on wednesdays we wear pink' which is one of my favorite quotes from mean girls and is iconic.



I picked up this set of rings which were only 4 pounds which means that each ring is less that 1 pound which is a deal if you ask me and they are all pretty and simple.


I got a necklace, well more like 3 necklaces but they are also 2 i am very confused so I'm just going to describe it. its a velvet navy blue chocker with a gold moon pendant on it, and a ting yang sign hanging from it, it also comes with another necklace which has a compass and a tassel on it.


I got another one of those earring which kinda shows from under the ear, this was is gold with silver stones and the under part has 6 stones which looks really cool in my opinion.

from the brand skinny dip i picked up a phone case which has fries on it with goggly eyes on them and its transparent so it shows the gold of my phone.


I got an amazing deal for this red leather (its fake) envelop bag which i got for a whopping £5 and I must say i apsaloutly love it.

I also got a belt which frankly I never wear but this one is really nice because I think it can transform a basic dress or outfit to a more night appropriate one

Rita x

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