Hit and Miss | Kiehls

 It's been ages since I have done a beauty post, specially a review. So here I am,
writing this post for you guys. Anyways, I have been testing out some 2 kiehl's products which are the midnight recovery eye cream and the rare earth deep cleansing masque. 


My Friday Morning

After a week full of stress, anxiety and exams, It's finally Friday. Now where I live, Friday's are Saturdays, and Thursdays are Fridays. So basically it's the weekend. I was super busy this week and the week before because of my first month exams, which I did pretty good in them if you guys were wondering, but my grades have gone down a bit because everything was put all together in one week. So right now, I'm in desperate need of a relaxed weekend with a tiny bit of school work.


My MUN Experience

So as you guys have noticed i haven't posted for 2 weeks and I have an explanation for that.
 So there's this thing in my school called MUN, which is basically a school version of the Model United Nations.In my school its viral.