Quick Healthy Snacks That Actually Taste Good

So one of my new year resolutions is to give eating healthy a chance. Now to me main courses are actually not a big deal because i can kind of control myself. The main problem is snacks. so I've been searching for healthy snacks that can actually make me feel full and taste good which is quite impossible but i found some on Pintrest and Youtube and i tried them and the least i can say is that they delivered what they promised.
** These recipes are not mine, i only recreated them to try if they actually work and to share it with you guys.

Valentine's Day Inspired Makeup

Since I had to take down my christmas tree last week, I got more excited for another upcoming holiday which is Valentine's Day, and so today I have a makeup look inspired by the purple and pink shades that it basically found upon.


Birthday Dinner Makeup | 2015

So my birthday was on Tuesday and me and a couple of friends went out for dinner at Pf Changs which was amazing. I was actually planning on doing a get ready with me and i totally forgot to snap a picture of my outfit, but i did manage to take a picture of my makeup. Here's what I used:


What's In My Makeup Bag | London

So I'm traveling to London tomorrow and so I wanted to do a quick little post of the makeup that I will be bringing with me on the trip, because I personally find it very interesting to see what people have packed. I've done a few of these over the years, I have a Vegas one and NYE, maybe I've done more but I can't find them.



Top Winter Accessories

Merry (late?) Christmas and a happy new year! yes i know i haven't posted in 2 weeks but i've been studying a lot and i really didn't have any time to write a post, so sorry for that. So it's that time of year again were i obsess over accessories, specially rose gold stuff and pearls well not real pearls but i do hope someday i'll wear real pearls on daily basis. but anyways, here are my favorite winter accessories:


Empties | January 2015

There is this phenomenon where beauty bloggers and vloggers like myself, show you all the products which they have use up, so today I'm going to be doing the same expect some of my products also contains things which I didn't like and threw out.


Skin Pamper Session | Getting Rid of Blackheads

To me black heads are the biggest pain in the ass. I've had black heads for a very long time on my nose but it didn't bother me much until this winter. Now they never really show on my face unless you look close but i just didn't feel comfortable with them sitting like that without me doing anything. Now trust me, i have tried all the plasters or whatever they're called but nothing worked. they'd remove maybe 1 or 2 heads and 3 days later they'd show up again. so i asked for help and turns out my sister had black heads too but she has been doing this and it really did work and it actually worked on my face so yay!

** Just to put it out there, I'm no skin expert, if this doesn't work for you or somehow damaged your skin please keep in my mind my skin is different than yours, and I'm not using and harmful chemicals or anything, i'm basically doing a facial.


My Everyday Makeup Routine #6

So I haven't done an updated makeup routine in about 6 months so since I'm home and I don't have an exam due to the weather, I decided to do an updated makeup routine because looking back at the products I don't use most of them anymore.

Maybelline Baby Skin;

I did mention a couple times how much I hate this primer, and thats mainly because it leaves my skin feeling oily and doesn't help tremendously in keeping my makeup on, but I have realized that all you need is the tiniest amount of this. I'm also out of all my other primers and so I'm using it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation;


Most Abused Products of 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing end and round up of 2014, and that 2015 will be a lot better. Anyway, here are a few products I've enjoyed in the past year and I have used and loved.