My Week In Pictures: Dubai

so i was going to do a day in my life but i decided to kinda document my little week vacation to dubai so yeah x

Day 1: 

 on the plane, on the way there.. 

 we went to dubai mall and i got a few things from sephora and the urban decay makeup counter, we also watched the fountain that is next to the mall and burij khalifa 

Day 2:
we went yet again to dubai mall and i did some serious shopping 

shirt: topshop
jean: topshop joni 
shoes: topshop arabel2
bag: mulberry effie 
watch: Michael Kors 

i was tempted to buy everything in this store i mean how beautiful can we just 

 and i had my favorite at the cheesecake factory 

 why are there aquariums like everywhere? im so confused to be honest, but fish have fascinated

 we had dinner and walked in JBR which was really nice
Day 3: 
 emirates mall is huge! well not as bug as dubai mall but still and so i did a bit of shopping for there too.

Day 4:
 i was kinda having a good hair day and i was inlove with my outfit 

 we went to this amazing restaurant in the palm and it was amazing and this was the view.

Day 5:
we went to dubai mall and then to marina mall and i didnt do much shopping i believe 

shirt: topshop
jeans: topshop joni 
shoes: convers 
bag: mulberry effie 

 Day 6: 
back home :( 

so that was my week vacation and it was a blast didn't go to the beach though but whatever.

Rita x 

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