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Hello lovelies! Hope you're all well.xx
Yes, I know I haven't posted for a week but I've been so busy with my icdl exams and I've just finished my first month exams and it's just been so stressful these past couple of weeks so I apologies and I promise i will make it up to you guys.
So anyways, let's get in with the post shall we!

-Benefits How to Look the Best in Everything Kit
i mean who doesn't want it? i think its such a good bargain because you practically get smaller versions of the best products from benefit. plus, the mini versions are quite expensive and all of the kit is for a price of one full-sized product,and i have read amazing reviews on the boing concealer..

-Benefits Sugarlicious Blush Kit

to be honest I've never watched nor heard reviews on this kit, but i have tried (almost) every product in this kit and i love each one of these. I personally am not a massive fan of these lipglosses mainly because i think they give your lips too much shine.

-Laura Mercier Oil free Flawless Face Kit
This honestly seems so good. i have tried the tinted moisturizer and i loved it.i honestly cannot wait to get my hands on this baby! 

-Bobby Brown's Creamy Concealer

I've heard so much about this concealer from every beauty blogger i have ever heard of, it might be that great. 

-Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

the colors just speak for themselves. i have heard sooo much about how amazing this palette is and now i really want to get my hands on it. but the only thing I'm not oh so sure about is that I've never tried any of smashbox products so I'm a bit worried.

-YSL Flower Crush in Red Dewberry

i really am soo excited to try this (mainly because i have never owned a ysl lip product) but anyways, i never heard anything about nor i bothered but to be honest the color seems so gorgeous and i guaranty you will feel oh so fancy in this.  

I'm so sorry the YSL kit isn't available anymore, i searched everywhere and i couldn't find it at all! again so sorry.x 
i know this post is a day late but right now it's 10:30, I've just finished studying my ICDL exam and i cannot wait to go to bed, again I'm so sorry I've been posting very late but i will make it up to you guys.x (exciting post coming up on Wednesday hint: it's about hair! )

oh and before you go..
what have you guys been planning on getting for spring? 

Much Love Always.xxxx


How I Style: My Curly Hair

Hello everyone, hope you're all well.x
So spring is on the doors and I won't be straighting my hair much because it's all about the waves this season ( I guess). But anyways, let's get on to it!

** I have curly hair (danielle peazer curly) so what I do won't work in all of you guys, plus I have ombré  hair, I dyed it a long time ago so I don't use moustrizing creams at the ends anymore. And this is for quick everyday wash, nothing fancy.

First off all, I wash my hair using the VO5 give me moister shampoo which leaves my hair super soft,  then I condition my hair using the Dove anti damage conditioner (whichmells heavenly). while in the shower, I apply a tiny but of the Pantene oil replacement  on the ends of myhair  to soften it up a bit.

After that, I dry my hair with a towel. Then I use Loreal amplifying mouse. Love this stuff, it defines my locks in a lovely way, and believe it or not it does quite reduce the frezeness of my hair. I just basically put quite a bit on my hand and just work it through my hair(while my hair is damp). Then I just basically play around with it till I like it.Usually in spring, I let my hair air dry but in winter (well it's winter anymore but it is cold outside) I blow dry it. Before I blow dry it, I spray the wella pro series heat protect shine spray all over my hair, let it sink in for a bit. Then I carry in with blowdrying my hair, I basically just scrunch and blow dry my hair until it somehow look presentable. 


And that's half of the post, I will complete the post (where I'll actually show you my hair and some hairstyles). 
Hope it helped in any kind of way!

Much love Always.xxx 


March Favorites

hello everyone. hope you're all well.x
so itlove xe emsusic  march (wow time has passed by so quickly) and its time to tell you guys what i have been loving this month. so let's get on with shall we!

Loreal Studio Volume Max Amplifying Mousse in Strong Hold 
I've been using this a lot lately because i haven't been straightening my hair as much, and its safe to say this makes my curls look fabulous. it defines your hair in a lovely way, your hair doesn't feel scrunchy after you apply it and the best part is it has a lovely scent to it. it basically smells like when you first go inside the salon.
Sally Hansis in 240 Choco-latte 
A lovely nail polish, I've been wearing this a lot lately on short nails, well because of school mainly. anyways wha ti love about these is that they dry really quickly, the packaging is just so fancy and its lovely qulaity for such a low price.

Zara's Mini City Bag in Grey
ive been carrying this around alot lately. i mean its perfect for spring, has lovely quality and its for a very suitablr price.
Zara's Pointy Toe Flats
my go to spring flats.i got these actually on sale for 10! i mean what a bargian. although it doesnt quite compliment my fret because theyre wide and fat and this needs thin long feet.

BBW in Japanese Cherry Blossom

again,this has been my go to spring perfume, sorry i suck at describing scents so i wont even bother myself, but anyways, its a lovely perfume and definitely worth a sniff.


one of the best books i have ever read. I won't spoil it but its defenetly worth a read. its a vintage book so i dont know where you can find it ,but again, it's a lovely story.

random stuff wise:
i've been loving Starbucks' iced caramel machiato. music wise:

●1975- settle down
●1975- sex
●30STM- up in the air
● ed sheeran-top floor

and thats it lovelies!x 
what have you been loving this month?

much love always.xxx



Small Spring Haul | Part 1

hello lovelies, hope you're all well.x
So I've picked up a few bits and bobs these last couple days and thought you would like to see them ( I picked up a lot of stuff so I'm dividing this haul into 2 or 3 parts, this part is a Zara haul 
 )  . So Let's get on with it shall we! 

So zara has it's seasons sale and most of the items are actually from there and their shoes (spoiler) so if you don't like shoes and zara what is wrong with but anyways.

First of all I picked up these lovely booties from zara. To be honest I wasn't looking for boots at all but I saw these laying on the floor and they were my zpsize and I just couldn't say no. They were 70% off, I mean what a bargain. Heels are okay (bout 8 Cms tops) and they're actually quite comfy for a night out. Oh and they were featured (ohh big words) in my last post which was my Current Obsessions.

Also picked up this lovely white tee for 7.50 and some basic black Jeggings. Really do like these Jeggings but they're veryyyyy comfy.
Also picked up these lovely oh so comfy loafers. They're pointy toe,brown and comfy. I
It's a beauty.
And this. I thank god for such a beautiful creation. These are the comfiest pointy toe flats ever. Npbut the problem is that because my up feet are quite wide and fat, it doesn't quite compliment my feet
But oh well.

and that's the end of this haul, part 2 will be out next week( I hope so) 

Have you been as naughty as me this last couple of months? 

Much Love Always.xxx

Current Obsession: Greys

Hello lovelies, hope you're all well.x so sorry this post was late but i will post twice today.
anyways, here's the stuff I've been drooling over recently: 

Zara's boots ( seasons sale)
Bath and Body Work's Marshmallow Fireside 

Lately I've been obsessed with Zara, mainly because they have their massive sales now and who doesn't love a good bargain? 

to be honest i've been eyeing the mini city bag for a while, and finally i found it, i wanted the black one but i couldn't find it at all, but i thought i'd change a bit so i picked up the grey one, and to say i worship it is an understatement. it was in my  January and February Sales Haul. This is perfect for a person who doesn't carry around that much of stuff but needs a big bag for future plans that may or may not happen (aka me).

the booties are a whole different story, i haven't been planning on getting these at all, i didn't even know zara had something like that. But when i was there i saw them laying on the floor, AND THEY WERE MY SIZE! i think God wanted me to have them. they were like 60% off and i just couldn't say no. plus they're comfy and their heel is bearable( about 8 cms tops).

and last but not least, the bbw candle. i've been candle crazy these past couple of months ( cant believe its march already what) recently i have been drooling over this one. smells exactly like marshmallow and coziness( yes it does have a smell deal with it). 

what have you been drooling over?

Much Love Always.xxx


January and February Sales Haul | Zara,Gap,BBW....

Hello lovelies hope you're all well x so I should probably apologize for not posting anything for a week. And no I haven't been busy, but my internet was absolute shit the last couple of days and i even couldn't save this post because the internet was that slow, and here I am re writing it, woho! And I need to set proper days to post because I haven't been exactly posting in my days..  But the bright side is I went shopping yay! And I did score a lot of bargains that I didn't need but in my defense  EVERYTHING was on sale. So here's what I bought: ( this post is so long by the way I'm sorry)

Usually I never go in mango, but they had this huge sale and I just went there because who can resist 75% off on everything? So first of all I picked this lovely silky navy blouse, its so incredibly soft. I picked it up for 9 which is nothing because this is actually really nice quality. It'd look amazing tucked in black high waisted pants, it's oversized so I picked it up in medium.

Then I went to zara, they had their annual seasons sale,but I didn't like anything. But the second time I went there they had their new collection, I've been eyeing the city bag and I actually found it but I thought it was too big for me because usually I never carry around that much, so I spotted the mini version of it and I fell in love and I just had to pick it up because my old bag is falling apart. I'm inlove with it, it has the same compartments, but smaller ones, the middle section definitely fits in your iPad, I have and ipad 3 and it fits in perfectly, anyways this is an amazing bag and if you're looking for a -small yet fits a lot of stuff- bag then this is the one. Picked it up in grey because to be honest I wanted to change up a bit.

and i got the cutest shirt ever! it has a collar shocker, actually me and rita have it hah, anyways its lovely quality, it wasn't on sale though because it was in the new collection.you can rock it bascially on anything and its lovely. you can find it here.

Then I went to massimo dutti, I usually never go there unless I was shopping for boots, but I saw this blouse and I just couldn't  resist, I don't usually go for this kind of tops but I was looking for a formal white-creamy top for fancy dinners and stuff. And it's really nice actually, plus it comes with a silky lace top you wear it under the sheer part I'm sorry I forgot what it is called I suck I sorry, but you can wear it alone and it'd look pretty nice.

the last place i went to is gap, usually i never go there. i watched lily pebbels haul and i just couldn't resist checking the sweater out, and i'm so glad i got it! well i didn't get the exact same one because i'm not a fan on cable knit pattern on sweaters so i found this. this is the softest most cosiest sweater ever. gap has such good quality sweater and zip up hoodies, plus they have their massive sales now if you want to a bit of shopping. these sweaters come in 3 colors, grey,mint and light  navy blue, i went the navy one because the mint one doesn't exactly flatter my kind of skin tone because i'm quite tanned and they didn't have my size in grey.

Bath and body works were having their season annual sale, and I picked ALOT of stuff, first of all I got 2 showers gels in paris amour and moonlight path.

For triple body moisturizers picked up one in sea island cotton,
 also picked up a shower cream in, again sea island cottoon
 candle wise I picked up 4, in cranberry woods, nutmeg and spice, leaves and marshmallow fireside.

 I picked up 3 hand sanitizers in vanilla snowflake, crisp golden pear and fresh sparkling snow.

Much Love Always.xxx

My Everyday School Makeup Routine #3

I like to change up my makeup routine like every few weeks because i usually get sick of it and since i last did an update of this i have changed my routine about 2-3 times, yes that how much i change it, and so since school started i changed my foundation and everything to accommodate that.

To start off, I like to prime my face so that my makeup would last all day. I have noticed a big difference when I do prime my face as opposed it not. and for that i have been liking the benefit porefessional because it's really the only one that has worked for me and made me feel and see a difference.


February Favorites

Well, I'm sure glad february is over but I really don't want to start march because that means studying and exams and a tun of work to do which is really upsetting.

I'm going to  have an updates makeup routine up soon up for the mean time this has defiantly been my favorite foundation lately and it's the rimmel match perfection which I'm just in love with even though when I first got this I hated it but now I love it.