I'm finally back from my long hiatus after the two post a week month last month as I went on vacation. So today I'm going to be sharing with you all what I did in my vacation which was a 11 day trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

D A Y 1 | O'AHU

We started the day with a lovely 6 hour flight which made my skin look like shit and left me feeling ill. however seeing the plants and all the leis as we landed made it all better.

We stayed at the Hilton in Waikiki Beach which is so close to the actual beach. After we checked in, went to our room and relaxed for a bit, it was time to go out and so we headed to the beach and the strip near it which was filled with stores.

Dress | Topshop
Bag | ZARA 
Shoes | Gap
Necklaces | Madewell and H&M 

We went to Marukame Udon which had a very long line for it and the food was actually really good! If you are ever in Waikiki I would 100% recommend it and you should try the curry udon which is so good.

D A Y 2 | O'AHU

We walked around Waikiki for a bit then went for breakfast which was at Hola Grill in the mall which isn't really a mall. The food however is really good and I had an amazing smoothie. We then went near the beach and got this shave ice which is also good.

Dress | Urban Outfitters
Bralette | Free People
Bag | ZARA 
Shoes | Birkenstock
Necklace | H&M and Topshop


We went to a luau which is the Paradise Cove one which is so nice and has an amazing view of the ocean which I took as an opportunity to have a photoshoot and take a tun of pictures of the view.

Jumpsuit | Miss Selfridge
Bag | ZARA 
Shoes | Birkenstock 
Necklace | H&M and Madewell

D A Y 3 | O'AHU

We took a privet tour around the island and first went to Liliha's Bakery, which are known for their coco puffs which are so good. We then went to this very windy place in the mountains. after that we went to a macadamia nut farm, where we would open the nuts and it was so good. We then went to this little shrimp farm restaurant which was so good. afterwards we went to a farmers market and got coconuts and pineapples. We then went to the beach which was up north of the island and we went swimming which was so much fun.  

When we got back to the hotel we got dressed and went to dinner in a place called Tikis which is in the Aston Hotel which had an amazing view and great food.

D A Y 4 | O'AHU

Started off the day by going to the shops near our hotel and did a little bit of shopping as I needed to pick up a few things for the cruise.

We got on the cruise ship as we were going to go to 4 other places in these islands. The ship was huge and it was the Norwegian Pride Cruise Ship which was called the Pride of America.

D A Y 5 | MAUI 

We rented a car in Maui and headed to the road to Hana which is a road which has many turns and has an amazing view. We stopped at the Twin Falls which has a huge trail to get to it, so we gave up after half an hour which sounds pathetic. I know. We stopped afterwards in Eden's Garden which is apsaloutly amazing.

Dress | Forever 21
Necklace | Forever 21
Bag | ZARA

D A Y 6 | MAUI 

I honestly had a day off just in the ship where I went to the pool and then made the lei I'm wearing in the pictures.

Dress | ZARA 
Bag | ZARA 
Necklace | Forever 21 

D A Y 7 | KAUAI 

Kauai is probably my favorite island of them all as it has amazing scenery. We went to the canyon which was such an amazing view to see and as we drove up to get a better view, but the clouds came down and the whole thing was just fog so we didn't see it. And we went to this ice cream store called Pink's which has AMAZING ice cream.

Shirt | Urban Outfitters 



We had a day at sea which we weren't supposed to have one. The ship went to this island which was the island that they filmed Jurassic Park which is apsaloutly gorgeous.



Hilo is one of those cities where the plants aren't really that bright but it's a volcano city so that why I did however really like looking at the volcano and all the steam holes in the ground.

Shirt | Urban Outfitters 
Bag | ZARA 
Earrings | Rebecca Minkoff



Kona is apsaloutly beautiful but I didn't have the time to explore the whole island but I did go to the downtown and went to some of the stores but it was so hot that we just went back to the ship.


We left the ship at about 9 am and headed to the airport we dropped our bags off then we went to Ala Moana which we spent a couple hours in and did a little bit of gift shopping then went back to the airport and headed back to San Diego.

Rita x  


  1. I LOVE this photo album!
    Dreaming to go to Hawaii one day aaaahhhhh <3 :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you x you should definitely go it's gorgeous!
      Rita x

  2. Your holiday looks incredible! I am SO jealous. Brilliant post :)


    1. Haha it really was. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! x
      Rita x