My Skin Care Routine

I wanted to share with you all my skincare routine because my skin has been pretty good these past couple weeks so I wanted to share my skincare routine.

For removing; to remove my makeup I usually use Simple makeup removing wipes because it's really good and I actually really like it. Tip: store makeup removing wipes upside down so that they get dry slower and who doesn't want that.


Collective Haul; Clothing | American Apparel, UO, Brandy Melville,… etc

On tuesday I posted the beauty part of this post and here I am today posting the clothing side because I have been doing a bit of shopping in that department as well.

So the first store I went to was American Apparel and I got these high waisted shorts that I owned last year but I lost believe it or not, so I got the dark washed pair.


Summer Vibe | Nail Polishes

Hello everyone, hope you're all well.x

so I've been wearing a lot of nail polishes recently which is quite weird for me since i rarely wear any, and i thought i'd share my favorite colors with you guys.
for me this season is all about simplicity. in my opinion, simple and light colors are what define summer. so i usually go for nudes (like brownish beige colors) but i thought i'd try some new stuff out. sally hansen in commander in chic (the grey one)  is one of my most worn nail polishes this season. its a beautiful grey color and what i like about the complete salon manicure is that you don't have to put a top coat on top of it because it's quite shiny. another favorite is sally hansen in chocolate which is a basic nude that i find complements my skin tone, and it goes hand in hand with a glittery coat ( i usually put H&M in extravagnza, also here's a picture of how it looks like on). last but not least, flormar in tender salmon  which is a beautiful beautiful baby pink that just goes with everything. 

Much Love Always.xx

My Everyday Makeup Routine #5

I was planning on posting the other part of my haul today but I went shopping again yesterday and I wanted to include the things I got as well so I'm posting it on tuesday with everything that I have been purchasing this past two weeks.

Therefore, today I'm going to be posting my everyday makeup routine because I have been trying out a tun of new products so I have like a whole routine that I have been doing and I felt the need to share it with you guys.


Collective Haul; Beauty| Sephora, Target, B&BW,…etc

Ever since I got back to the states I have been extremely busy due to the fact that I have been moving and all, therefor after we furnished the whole house I have started to shop again for everything but mostly clothing items and makeup items because lets be honest what the hell else am I supposed to get?

So I have separated this large collective haul to two parts a beauty/makeup one and a clothing one because I got a lot of things and making one huge haul is very unnecessary. This is the makeup/beauty haul and the clothing haul should be coming up soon.

I'm gonna start with what I got from Walmart because thats the first place I went to when I came back.
The first thing I got was this wet n wild pallet in comfort zone which is what everyone was obsessed with last year and now I get it, the colors are so pigmented and there is a beautiful array of colors.


Summer Sales Haul | The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works,AE...

hello everyone, hope you're all well.x
so lately i've been doing some naughty shopping because i kid you not everything is on sale, and i thought i would share with you guys what i got.

so first of all i stopped by massimo dutti and they had their winter collection on sale, so i picked up this navy super soft cropped sweater that'll basically go with everything,

also i picked up this sort of navy denim jeans for 30.

last thing i picked up from there is this perfect jacket (which actually reminds me of a burberry jacket i had my eyes on).
stopped by american eagle the other day, and picked this oversized basic striped blouse from the savers section for only 7 which is a bargain.
i had my eyes on the boyfriend jeans for quite a while now and i finally go it, they had like buy 2 for the price of one, and i just figured why not? i actually do recommend investing in one of these.


from accessorize, i picked up a backpack? i really don't know what are these called but they're in and everything was like half the price and i figured why not? it'll be handy since i'm going on holiday soon.

from the body shop, i picked up the ever so raved about shimmer cubes(pallet number 30), for like half its original price. and also i picked up a dark brown gel eyeliner (02).

bath and body works started their massive summer sale but to be honest i didn't like any scent, but i found the stress relief collection on sale (also did a review on it), picked up 2 shower gels (already finished one haha), body lotion and the body cream.

Much Love Always.xx