Finals Essentials

With finals starting or ending it depends where you are i have been changing my everyday school routine to something fast so that i can revise or because i'm up late. these products are simply things that i go for whenever i'm running late for anything or when i'm too lazy

Batiste dry shampoo: I like using this because sometimes I don't have time to take a shower and this is quick and easy to use.

Carmex: now when i'm nervous I tend to bite my lip and so my lips have been so awful recently so I'm been using this to just heel them.

Suave sweet pea and violet lotion: my hands have also been quite dry lately and so this has been very nice for that and it leaves my hand feeling really soft and not greasy at all.

American Apparel hair bow: whenever i'm late to school I just pop this in my hair and it looks like i've put an effort into my hair but I haven't.

YSL touch√© √©clat: I don't use this often because I just feel like it's a waste and doesn't cover up anything but since i've been sleeping super late because I have to study this makes me look away and radiant even though you've probably only slept for 5 hours.

Mini Daisy: if I ever forget to put perfume on before I leave my house I have this in my bag just incase and its super cute.

Hair tie: this is such a nice hair tie its velvet and has a little bow and is from topshop, its like a scrunchy  and it reminds me of like being a kid again. It's really easy to just tie my hair in like  a bun with this and my hair would look relatively okay.

Sharpie Highlighter: not a big deal but I just like highlighting important things so when I revise I can just go through it briefly.

Maybelline color tattoo in barley branded: whenever I'm running late to anything especially if i had woken up late or I'm just too lazy to do an eye look i just sweep some of this all my over my lids and I'm good to go. i do however believe that this is one of those product where you have to warm it up with your fingers first so that it doesn't crease.

Rita x

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