What's In My Bag?

little did i know i am traveling tomorrow so I really didn't have time to write a post and i don't actually have a post thats going to be out on friday so i'm so sorry and i hope you guys don't mind that i'm uploading on a sunday but anyway i'm going to be doing a whats in my bag because i have never done one of these before which is odd but i did do a whats in my carry on which you can read here but it has pretty crappy photography so sorry about that, anyway here's what in my bag 

okay to start off with the bag that i have is the mulberry effie which i got for christmas from my parents and has been the love of my life ever since. i have wanted this bag longer than i have wanted the del rey and when it came down to it i choose this one and i think i made the right choice. 

now this bag fits a lot of things surprisingly it fit all my things but it doesn't look that nice with a lot of things in it so i have majorly down sized.

the first thing i have in here is my Michael Kors wallet which if you have read my whats in my carry on you would recognize it, i got this on sale so to be it was a bargain.

i also have this cath kidson diary which i love and i have put a pen. i write in it something which i have to remember or such.

in the zippered pocket i have my carmex lip balm because my lips get dry fast, my new favorite lipstick which is the Nars in dolce vita, and my rimmel wake me up concealer which is nice for touch ups. 

Rita x 

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