I am very excited about May ending, as most of my externals are over and summer is here. However throughout the month of May I have been enjoying a few products and I'm here to share them with you all.


Top 5 Everyday Lipstick

Nearly every season I do a post on my top lip products for the said season. This time I felt like switching it up and showing you my top 5 go to everyday lip products.


April Favorites

 As this month has ended and I can honestly say it has been the longest month ever. It has been filled with mock exams as well as externals which means that I have been super exhausted and I am terrified for the upcoming month. I have however been enjoying some products and here's what they are.


Resorting My: Accessories

It's been quite a while since I sorted anything in my room, and it's that time of a year were i basically go crazy and start re sorting everything because I've had enough of school and I'm thinking too much which starts worrying me and sorting distracts me.