January Favorites

hello everyone x hope you're all well x so today's post is basically what i have been loving through January

                                      -Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet:
now last year and till now everyone was freaking about the revlon lip butters, and i can see why. they're like the most perfect thing ever. most of the collection is pinks but i thank god i found a deep red( shocking). i've been basically wearing this every time i got out. it's a lovely product and revlon in general is a really nice brand lips wise, haven't tried and of their foundations.. anyways!

                                               -Alverde lip pencil in 15:
i bet you're so confused now and you probably haven't heard of the brand, prepare to to be shocked. neither have i, all i know is my sister picked it up from dm while she was in Germany or muller  i don't know man. but the color of it is just ahhh! it a perfect match for the revlon lip butter. i think its like 2 euros? but its so cheap and it's really nice actually.

                                            -Sally Hansen in Flirt 210:
typical purple for winter, such a lovely color, has a really nice shine to it without a topcoat. i am a massive fan of sally Hansen nail polishes, i find they don't chip fast and they last you forever, and they're perfect for your budget. they have a really nice range of colors by the way,  if you're into weird colors this is for you.

                 -Catrice Ulti Matte nudes in Don't Tell me Mademoiselle!
  the name of this. i can't even. like honestly the name suits this perfectly, this is like the perfect nude color only classy flirty ladies would wear. honestly i feel like chanel when i'm wearing this. anyways it's a lovely product and i'm a fan of catrice in general but i just love their nail polishes and this by far is my favorite one.

Clothing wise, I choose my ae parka, I basically have been living it it, it keeps you warm and from the inside it's all furry and soft and the hat has fur lining I mean what who can resist and it was like 70% for their seasons sale and it was the last one AND IT WAS MY SIZE WHAT I mean what are the odds. I really do like this and it's such nice quality and I think it's worth every penny spent on it.

And for boots I just had to go with my hm ankle booties, again I've been living in this and my parka. I love these so much I think they're perfect basically for everything and they're such nice quality, for hm this is such a bargain lt was only like 30-40 iesh can't quite remember.


                                          -My Rayban Sunnies:
i got these recently for my birthday from my parents and they (both) have been the love of my life, i think these are the avatars, i'm sorry i don't know what their name is and i can't find them anywhere. but anyways, who doesn't like rayban sunnies?! i think this practically suits me or like people with big  noses because i kid you not, they make your nose like slimmer which is what i look for in life.
(ohh heeeey you can see on the lens me hah)

                                            -Natural Looks body spray in STAR:
now usually i never go in natural looks (and i didn't hah). but i got this as a gift for my birthday, it came with a body lotion which also was nice but it wasn't my favorite, anyways this smells absolutely amazing, i have no idea why i was fooled by the look of the store (because to be honest it doesn't look that appealing) but if their body sprays smells close to this one i will definitely pay them a visit and maybe do a bit of damage to my savings!

-Bath and Body Works Candles in Cranberry Woods and Nutmeg and Spice:
your typical winter candles, love these so much, i have been burning them like everyday since i bought them. bbw has its seasons sale now and you can't resist a great bargain can't you? (i bought like 5 more)

Really random stuff wise, um I've been loving iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks, ahh so good! But I'm so gutted they don't have the nutmeg spice and gingerbread latte anymore! Anyways, music wise I've been obsessing over indie/rock kind of type/theme, that kind of jazz, I AM IN LOVE WITH 30 SECONDS TO MARS, the are absolutely brilliant. It's just weird that I'm obsessing over a 42 year old and the problem is he doesn't even look like a 30 year old man he even looks younger! My favorite song so far has gotta be do or die and city of angels  ridiculous lyrics, just amazing.
Anyways they're so incredibly talented and I really hope  I can go to a concert someday. And another band I have been really, really obsessing over with is the 1975, their single chocolate  is just perfect, and they're hot, badass British boys with tattoos. and the single sex is just amazing to be honest, also girls is really nice. Who can resist them? But aside that they are full of talent and I can see that they have a big road full of success ahead of them. sweater weather- the neighbourhood  is just brilliant...

And that's it you guys these are the things I have been obsessing over lately! 
Much love Always,xxx

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