Recap of 2013 | Hello 2014

so everyone has been doing these kinds of posts recently and im jumping on that train.. today im going to be doing like a whole thing of like my year in pictures well selfies and i have also added my resolutions so lets get to them


i just realized that this year want as bad i thought it was which is surprising but i would recommend everyone to do this and just look at the past year and all that has happened during it, now on to my resolutions.

1. Be positive; I have been a very negative person these past few months and I just want to be a more positive and happy person in this following year.

2. listen more; I always tend to ignore people when they need me the most so I just want to actually listen to more people and music and all sorts of things 

3. travel more; I have honestly a problem I like to travel way too much and it has gotten to the point where I freak out if I'm going to be going anywhere after like 2 months of being in the same place

4. Take all opportunities given; I have defiantly not been taking every opportunity that has come at me and the usual reason is that I'm too tiered to.

5. exercise; I am the lazies person on earth and this is one of those typical things that is said by everyone every single year, but I really want to just be healthier 

6. Post more fashion things; I have been focusing a lot on makeup recently and so i'm going to be posting a lot more ootd, the reason that I don't post so much of those is because I usually have no one to take pictures of be which sucks.

7. trust more; I am the worst at trusting people and I have honestly no idea why I just can't trust someone easily, it has it's pros and cons 

8. See more people I like; this past year i haven't seen or hung out with a lot of my friends because well i couldn't tbh

9. Take better care of my nails; my nails always look awful and uneven and I'm sick of it, i need to take better care of them and so yeah

10. step out of my comfort zone; i am adventurous but not all the time and that is what i want to do this year.

Rita x 

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