High Street vs. DrugStore: YSL Touché Éclat Highlighter/ Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch Highlighter

Hello everyone, hope you're all well.x
so it's been a long time since i've done a review on a product, and to be honest, i didn't have any new product i wanted to share my thoughts on it with you guys, so i thought i would do a drugstore vs. high end post on the famous YSL touche eclat and the maybelline dream lumi touch. so lets get on with it shall we!

YSL in 3/ Maybelline in 3

To be fair, both products are lovely. but personally, i like the ysl  better. i mean i'd rather invest in an expensive product. the lumi touch is nothing compared to the ysl one, i find it very drying for my skin, doesn't last a lot, i fee like it whitens your face instead of waking or brightening it up and it breaks out my skin.plus, you don't as much product as the ysl one, the packaging of the lumi touch is just awful, it wore out very quickly and i've only had it for about 3 months or so. so i definitely recommend investing in the ysl one, it will last you for absolute ages, and it won't damage your skin. i know the lumi touch has been in one of my current obsession posts, but to be honest i was fooled. 
if you're looking for a cheap alternative, i'd recommend the l'oreal magique highlighting concealer,it actually is very close to the touche eclat. 
what i like about the ysl one, is that it's super light on your skin and it actually highlights, i would recommend getting it one shade lighter than your original skin tone ( i didn't do that) so you can use it as a proper highlighter. it fits in your carry on bag (which is a must for me). i dont think you need to sit it with any powder or it'll look cakey and you'll loose that oh so glowy affect it gives. 
and if you want a review on the whole Touche Eclat collection, you can find it here.

if you're now intimidated by me and you just want to get your hand these, i'll make your life easier:

Much Love Always.xx


3 Easy Spring Hairdos | Curly Hair

Hello everyone, hope you're all well.x
so spring has finally
sprung where i live and i can finally let my curls free (hah). but really, i wanted to share with you guys how i sometimes style my curly mess. and if you want to check out the whole thing you can read my previous post which was How I Style | My Curly Hair.x
so let's get on with it shall we!

by the way, all of the hairstyles are very very simple, im kind of ashamed how simple they are but,again, i always looked for posts like this because i never did really know what hairstyle complimented me but i have finally figured it out and i hope it helps you guys in any kind of way.x

- The Halo Braid.

Just a disclaimer, i suck at guiding, so here's  a video  that helped me figure out how to halo braid my hair.
here's a tip, i always put a black band on my head so i can assure that my hair will stay in place and i never do this on dry dry hair, i always do it with damp, towel dried and i leave it to air-dry because i think the curls are defined better.
so what I basically do is very simple, i just pull the top of my hair in a big black band, i start braiding a big piece of hair from the bottom of my hair ( you can obviously take a much thinner piece but i like my braids thick and big so it can actually show because i have dark hair) and one i finish my braid i just tie it with a clear elastic band or any band i find to be honest ( sometimes i don't use any at all), then  i take it upwards (which should pass behind your ear) and just pin it where it ends (which should be behind your other ear, depends on how long your hair is) and i basically pin it with a small black pin. then i do the same thing with the other piece of my hair.

- Half Up Half Down.

This is actually my go to hairstyle, it's very simple and so practical for everyday. i just basically take half of my hair to the back and just start pinning it with bobby pins, another trick i do is that i crisscross each pin with another pin so i can assure it'll stay in place. if my way doesn't work, this might help Party Hairstyle for Curly Hair: The Half-Updo-Hey,… (love these by the way, they help you so much!)

(my hair isn't grey i promise)

- The Quick Updo.

this is very very simple, all i do is just basically half tie my hair (a normal pony tail but without pulling the rest of your hair out) and just start pinning it  with bobby pins that match my hair color just to volume down my hair a bit because sometimes shit can get cray. 

and these are my most worn hairstyles for spring time! hope it helped in any kind of way x if you recreated any of these hairstyles i would love to see how it worked on you so tweet me a picture or tag me on instagram ( user name is dashofcurves for both) and yeah. a quick disclaimer, I will only
post on saturdays but I'll try my best to post on wednesdays.x 

                       Much Love Always.xxx


Bright Nails For Spring

i love me some bright nail polish in spring, it just about makes me feel more spring-y i guess and today i have a whole post about nail polishes.

keep it green: essie in first timer/ models own in apple pie/topshop in green room/topshop in gone fishing.


March Favorites

This month has been the worst than the past but I have been loving a few products that I would like to mention. Btw I didn't include the non-beauty things because I did a whole post on that earlier this month which you can read here.

the first thing is from skin care and I'm planning on doing a skin care routine soon. but basically I've been loving the le Roche posay effacular duo it claims to be a 'corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection carer' which when i first read i was like it can't do all that but after trying it out consecutively at night and day it's amazing and i love it! it has decreased my redness amazingly and it always leaves my skin super soft.