My Bucket List

i've seen a lot of bloggers doing this but not as a post more like as a page but i could do that because well there are two of us... anyway today i'm going to be doing my bucket list so here we go

1.go skydiving

2. visit Tokyo

3. get a Polaroid camera 

4. save money for a cannon camera

5. move to London 

6. swim with dolphins

7. meet one direction

8. get a tattoo

9. learn to surf

10. trend on twitter

11. have a picture go to the popular page on instagram

12. visit all 50 states

13. write a book

14. visit Niagara falls 

15. go to fashion week

16. be in a magazine

17. visit Ireland

18. have ombre hair 

19. learn to drive 

20. learn a foreign language

21. visit Australia

22. go on a cruise

23. visit Italy

24. have a white christmas

25. create a make up line

26. have a clothing line

27. finish a wreck this journal

28. have a picture of me painted

29. buy something from Chanel 

30. attend a fashion show

31. throw a surprise party for someone 

32. be a part of a flash mob

33. backpack through Europe

34. see the Eiffel tower

35. attend a county fair

36. pull a prank on one of my friends

37. make pop cakes

38. visit London 

39. kiss in the rain

40. stand under a waterfall

41. go to Hawaii

42. visit turkey

43. ride an elephant

44. go to times square

45. pet a panda

46. fly first class 

47. fall in love

48. go to new York fashion week

49. visit the walk of fame

50. ride the London eye

51. float in the dead sea

52. adopt a pet

53. meet Rihanna

54. go to Dubai

55. go cliff jumping

56. visit the pyramids

57. preform on stage

58. own a pair of ray-bans

59. own every shade of mac eyeshadows

60. get kissed underneath the mistletoe

61. meet ariana grande

62. meet everyone that inspires me in fashion

63. meet all my favorite youtubers

64. visit Morocco

65. throw a huge party

66. ride an airport luggage cart 

67. get VIP passes to a concert

68. go on a camping trip with all my friends

69. build something

70. visit a volcano

71. save a life

72. be someones maid of honer

73. go on safari in Africa

74. get reblogged by Tyler Oakley

75. meet ed sheeran

76. be an extra in a movie

77. go to legoland

78. go to disneyland 

79. go to universal studios 

80. grow my hair long

81. take crazy pictures at a Photo Booth

82. visit Egypt

83. finally get a bag from mulberry 

84. reach 100k views on this blog

85. reach 1M views on polyvore

86. see all 7 wonders of the world

87. party in ibiza

88. create a tag

89. donate blood

90. watch the sun rise

91. spend a day in a children's hospital

92. try sushi

93. visit a chocolate factory

93. learn to play the piano

94. quit drinking coca cola

95. visit Jamaica

96. meet all members of little mix

97. learn yoga

98. get more organized

99. go to a spa

100. remember more people's birthdays

okay so that is all the things i want to do in my life time and i hope to at least do 10 of these by the end of the year, and the ones in purple are the ones i've done x

Rita x 

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