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Hello lovelies!xxx
So today I'll be sharing my favorite/most used make up products x
** I know that there is an exact same post but this is my personal opinion and I really wanted to share with you guys what I have been using pretty much everyday! 

  Catrice blush tint in 010 Flush Rose (perfect dupe for benetint)
  Eblien's brush (I use this for bronzer)
  Sephora's matte mineral bronzer in mat tan 39
  Garnier's BB cream in light/claire
  Garnier's roll on Concealer 
  Givenchy's Blush (limited edition)
  Chanel's lipstick in Gènie 52
  Miss sporty studio lash mascara in black
  Benefits high brow in liner pink 
  Dior's blackout show mascara 

 My make up routine: ( this Is not my everyday makeup routine, but it is similar!)
First I apply the bb cream all over my face and blend it in using my fingers, I tried using the brush but it didn't work out because the texture of this bbm cream is more creamy, it's basically a skin colored cream. Then I conceal my horrid black bags under my eyes, blemishes.. Etc. usually I don't powder because my skin's combination isn't that oily so I carry on with my bronzer(first I complete my skin make) I go for a whole light bronzed face, first the checkbones, a tiny bit on my forehead, down my nose, a bit on my chin, and make sure you're light handed because the sephora bronzer is super matte and pigmented. Then I use my liquid blusher and just dot a few dots (hah) and just lightly blend it in with my fingers. And to set it I use my Givenchy bronzer/blusher, it's a mix of 3 colors: a gorgeous light shimmery pink/ a very light browny-ish color/ and the dark brown. I just apply all if them to the apple's of my checks to set the blush tint and to give it a light shimmery pink finish. I usually fill my brows with any brown color really, usually my nyx cake powder, using an eyebrow brush I just lightly dab the brush in the shadow and just pass the brush throw my brows to give them that nature full effect. Then I use my benefits high brow pen which is my favorite product of all time, such a gorgeous light link color, it highlights my brows perfectly just to make them pop a bit more, and I sometimes put it in my inner corner. for mascara I honestly couldn't decide which one I like best because I usually apply both of them because they honestly complete each other. And at last for lips, I use my perfect lipstick, Chanel's lipstick in 52 which is a gorgeous light nude pink.

Much Love always xxx
Luma x 

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