Back to Black | Nail Polish of The Week

hello dollies, how have you guys been?xo
so today's post is another nail polish of the week post, well because i've just finished my exams and i felt like painting mine and i did a great job to be honest! not to brag or anything.. (cough*cough)

flormar in40
                                               modelsown in mixedup

It's that time of year again where i only wear black and red on my nails. i love these together, i think they compliment any skin tone in the cold weather. but the flormar one needs more than one layer though. here i have 3 layers on. but again what i love about flormar is that it stays on so long, the brush is just amazing and the shine i just lovely. and by the way, you have no idea how much i love modelsown nail polishes. i think they're the best brand for nail polishes and brushes actually, i have their starter set i think? well its neon orange and they're lovely.
and by the way you guys, do you like our new theme? i think i like it better than the old one. it just reflects our personalities better.

Much Love Always.xxxx


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