As I will going on holiday with family next week to London, I always get ready and pamper myself before I travel, so that I won't do anything pamper related there. Here's how I do that,

Now I'm travelling on Monday, so this post is going to be uploded 2 days before I travel. I didn't do all of these things on Sunday, I actually spread all of the things withen the the week before.


What was first on my list was getting rid of my leg and arm hair. Now you might be like why do you not shave on daily basis and that's because I am Arab, which means i'm hairy (not ashamed of that) so if I shave, the hair will be thicker and we do not want that, that's why I either wax or remove it with the silk epil. I removed my leg hair with the silk epil which hurt, a lot.

 Next step was my arm hair which I got it waxed the the polish nail salon (not advertising them) but if anyone lives in Amman, I highly recommend this salon, the ladies are lovely there and the prices are very reasonable. 

Now that the painful part is over, it's pampering time.


I got my nails done at polish, and I choose Essie's Topless and Barefoot

body care


I exfoliated my body after a few days of removing the hair so my skin won't burn me, I used BBW's Asper caramel Woods Golden sugar Scrub ( I like exfoliating before I get in to the shower and I rinse it off once I'm in the shower).


After I finished showering, I moisturized my legs, arms and feet using BBW'S Apple blossom and lavender body lotion.


I was thinking about starting to go to skin clinics to have facials there, and I really wanted to go this time but since I'm broke, I couldn't. I also couldn't find the time because you know the fuss that happens at home when you're going on a family holiday. I did my usual facial, if you'd like to get into the specifics, I wrote a post a few months ago about how I get rid of blackheads which is pretty much what I did, you can find it here.

hair care

I did the usuals which are shampooing, conditioning and putting oil replacement, but before all that, I put on L'Oreal's elvive extraordinary oil replacement for about 10-15 mins before i showered just to give my hair that extra boost of moisture.

Luma x 

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