Skin Pamper Session | Getting Rid of Blackheads

To me black heads are the biggest pain in the ass. I've had black heads for a very long time on my nose but it didn't bother me much until this winter. Now they never really show on my face unless you look close but i just didn't feel comfortable with them sitting like that without me doing anything. Now trust me, i have tried all the plasters or whatever they're called but nothing worked. they'd remove maybe 1 or 2 heads and 3 days later they'd show up again. so i asked for help and turns out my sister had black heads too but she has been doing this and it really did work and it actually worked on my face so yay!

** Just to put it out there, I'm no skin expert, if this doesn't work for you or somehow damaged your skin please keep in my mind my skin is different than yours, and I'm not using and harmful chemicals or anything, i'm basically doing a facial.

 Here's what i do,

First of all i cleanse, now you can skip this part but usually i do this pampering session after having a very stressful day at school and my face would be oily and quite dirty. but if your skin clean you can skip this step. Or not. Whatever you like. i use the la roche posay effaclar cleanser because it doesn't dry out my skin even more.

Next, I exfoliate, Now the key of getting rid of blackheads is exfoliating. You can use whatever exfoliater you like,i use the laura mercier face polish. the most important thing is to gently scrub the area where you have blackheads, for me its my nose and a bit a chin. Don't scrub to hard or you'll cause even more damage to your skin. 

Then i steam my face.You obviously don't a face steamer for this. You can simply boil some water, pour it in whatever you like, put a towel over your head, and just let the steam hit your face. i actually do this when i have the flu, it opens up my nose so i can actually breathe. anyways, let the stream hit your face for about 30-50 seconds (basically when you feel your face is about to melt). grab a mirror and some tissues because what you are about to do i gonna hurt a tiny bit. grab the area and squeeze the blackheads GENTLY! Don't squeeze too hard or it'll bleed. use the tips of your fingers or a cloth (works better with a cloth), don't use your nails, specially if they're tall.  the blackheads should come out, but it won't be easy. These will come back and you will have to do this on regular basis and not everything will come out from the first time. I do this every 10-20 days. I've only done this twice so far, and i'm noticing amazing results. 

After that, I use a cleansing mask, basically any mask that cleanses your skin and helps with the pores. I use the keils rare earth mask which works fine, a dupe for that would be the body shop's blue corn deep cleansing mask. now if your face burns a bit it's normal because you just basically removed a part of it, but if it burns a lot, it means you squeezed too hard which will cause swelling and the area might bleed a tiny bit.but all will be good go in less than 3 days so no worries.

Then i tone my skin. I recommend a gentle toner because your skin is quite sensitive now. Currently i'm in between toners, right now use the body shop's vitamin e moisturizing toner which is lovely, and i'm defiantly getting the full size version of this AND it's on sale.

Finally, i moisturize. again, i use the body shop's vitamin e face moisturizer which is again, lovely.

Luma x

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