Quick Healthy Snacks That Actually Taste Good

So one of my new year resolutions is to give eating healthy a chance. Now to me main courses are actually not a big deal because i can kind of control myself. The main problem is snacks. so I've been searching for healthy snacks that can actually make me feel full and taste good which is quite impossible but i found some on Pintrest and Youtube and i tried them and the least i can say is that they delivered what they promised.
** These recipes are not mine, i only recreated them to try if they actually work and to share it with you guys.

1- Apple Chips:  (X)

What you need:

-Brown Sugar (3 tbs)
-Apples (depends on how many you want, i use one.)
-Mandolin Slicer
-Nutmeg (half a tbs)
-Cinnamon (2 tbs)

First of all, i sliced the apples with mandolin slicer, i actually found it easier to slice the apple upwards like as it is rather than the way the original recipe says to slice it.

Then i spread the apples over a tray, remember to put butter paper underneath.

Then i mixed the cinnamon, nutmeg and the brown sugar together.

Now all you've gotta do is just sprinkle the mix over the apples. try to spread it out evenly on the apples. shove it on the over on 215 f (100 c). it took about 30-45 mins till it crunched. Just keep an eye on it and take it out every once in while and feel it, if it's crunchy enough for you take out. But it's really important to put on  215 f so you can get it right. I made the mistake of putting these on 320 f (160 c) and the batch was literally black in 10 minutes.  


Don't worry i'm not making yogurt out of scratch. Now All you need is greek yogurt. You can use plain yogurt or flavored yogurt, i used strawberry yogurt.
For my version, i used almonds, oatmeal with dried fruits and a pear.

All you gotta do is put the yogurt in a bowl.

Cut the pear or whatever fruits you have into small pieces

Add the pears and oatmeal ( i used about 3 tbs)

Then add the almonds. And that's it. You can actually have this for breakfast and its actually fills you up.

Mango Smoothie: (X) 

What You Need:


In the original recipes, it says that you should use frozen ones, but i used canned mango and it worked just as well, you can also fresh ones

Mint Leaves 

it's optional but it gives the smoothie a lovely minty taste

Plain Yogurt (about 2 big spoons)

Honey (1 tbs)

Lemon Juice

Water (500 ml)

Now all you've gotta do is just chuck them all in to the blender.

And wizz them.

That's how it's supposed to look like. (i added a few extra mint leaves)

and just pour them into a nice tall glass, i added some ice with it and again,a mint leaf. 

Luma x

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