Empties | January 2015

There is this phenomenon where beauty bloggers and vloggers like myself, show you all the products which they have use up, so today I'm going to be doing the same expect some of my products also contains things which I didn't like and threw out.

This was in my most abused products of last year, and as I said in that post I use this everyday and therefor I have accumulated 6 large bottles and 2 mini ones which says something.

Cotton pads;
To go with the bioderma are cotton pads, and so there is also 4 bags, I also must say that I have lost some of these or accidentally threw them out so thats why there is only 4 bags.

FAB face cleanser;
I have probably raved about this product so much last year that I don't really need to say anything more, except that it's my favorite cleanser. I used up 2 full sized and  1 travel.

Benefit POREfessional;
Another one of my commonly mentioned product and I have finished 1 full sized and 1 mini of it. And I need to go buy more.

FAB ultra repair cream;
I was very skeptical when I bought this because it like $28 but its worth every penny I spend on it, it leaves my skin feeling soft and it stays moisturized for a very long time, which is amazing.

FAB facial radiance pads;
I have to start off my saying how much of a difference I've seen in my skin after using, now I don't use it everyday but whenever I use it really helps get rid of all the makeup ever the one that didn't leave after both washing and removing my makeup which is a huge plus.

Sally Hansen Salon manicure dry and go drops;
I discovered this last year and its like the perfect thing if you hate waiting for your nails to dry after doing them, just apply a few drops of this and wait a couple seconds and bam! Dry nails.
I have used 2 bottles of this.

Soap and glory clean on me;
Soap and glory product are all so amazing and I just love them so much! This one is no exception. It smells amazing and I like to use it for traveling.

suave sweet pea and violet body lotion;
I must say this has lasted me for ages and it smells AMAZING which is mainly why I like it so much. Its also pretty cheep if I recall and it keeps me moisturized all day.

soap and glory the righteous butter;
Over the years I have finished multiple tubs of this and I always seem to go back to it, especially the smaller ones like the one I have here. I like it because it's a butter so its thick and keeps me moisturized.

blendercleanser solid
This is my favorite thing for washing my makeup brushes and sponges because it doesn't harm them in anyway and they smell really nice afterwards.

eos lotion;
I'm not sure which one I had but this was in my bag this summer but it finished pretty fast if you ask me, it also pretty much smells amazing.

secrete clinical strength deodorant;
I'm quite picky when it comes to deodorant, and this one and the next one are the best I've tried. I like it because it lasts all day and smells good.

the healthy deodorant by Lavanila;
I like this because it's refreshing and it smells really nice, and as the name indicates its a healthy deodorant and doesn't contain many chemicals.

Anastasia clear brow gel;
I bought two of these on a sale and after multiple months of consistent using, it got a bit tinted from my brow products, and it also started to feel weird whenever I use it so I got rid of it.

Anastasia brow wiz in carmel;
I have also mentioned this product I billion times so I don't believe I need to say much except that I will keep on repurchasing this until I find something better.

origins gin zing eye cream;
Another holy grail item here, this is the best eye cream I've ever tried. As the slogan says, its like an espresso shot for under eyes which is pretty accurate if you ask me.

the body shop vitamin e eye cream;
And here we have the worst eye cream, with the worst smell ever! I would not recommend this to anyone, it sucks.

rimmel stay matte;
I used to really love this powder but then mine got old, and whenever I went to the drugstore they never had the shade I wanted which is why I have managed to try a tun of new powders this year.

maybelline color tattoo metel;
These suck! They are really bad, they crease, they don't look even, they don't blend well, they are so bad and so I just had to throw them out.

nivea lip butter in raspberry rose kiss;
The formula of this is really great and it makes my lips all soft and nice. The down fall however with this color that I have is the fact that its light pink so whenever I have it on it looks odd, which is why I use it before bed. I did however take me a long time to finish it.

Rita x 

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