Most Abused Products of 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing end and round up of 2014, and that 2015 will be a lot better. Anyway, here are a few products I've enjoyed in the past year and I have used and loved.


Benefit Porefessional primer;

I had to dig this out of my empties box but it's honestly one of the best primers I've ever tried and I need to get a new one because I ran out of it a lot time ago but it still made this list.

Tarte Amazonian clay foundation;

I have talked about this foundation so many times this year so it's not shock that I have it on here. I also like it because its full coverage and lasts all day.

NARS Creamy concealer;

I honestly didn't know what to put for this category and then just decided to go for the concealer which stood out for me the most and it had to be this one.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed powder;

Now this is obviously my most used powder (and most mentioned) as I have hit pan on it, and I must say my favorite thing is the face that it's not colored so it won't mess up my makeup.

Benefit rockateur;

I must say this is my most used blush, I think it's mainly because it's not so obvious when I have it on because too much blush is the worst look.

TBS honey bronzer;

Another one that has been featured on here a lot this year and frankly its one of my favorite bronzers I've ever tried especially since its matte.

 rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner;

I was never much of an eyeliner person but these eyeliner have changed me. They are all very creamy and easily applies and blends.

Anastasia Brow wiz;

One of the only brow products which I will swear by forever. I have gone through one of these already and I like it because my brows always look amazing after I have used it.

Eyeshadow Primer;
Urban Decay primer potion in 'Eden';

I love this primer so much, it keeps my eyeshadow on all day, and it also helps to cover up all the veins on my eyelids, and it makes an amazing base.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette;

One of the best eyeshadow palette that came out this year, because lets be honest who doesn't want to buy eyeshadow that smells like chocolate and has amazing quality and it has so many shades that are so pretty.

Maybelline Falsies;

Another year another falsies mention because its great and it makes my lashes long, and feathery and simply does everything you want it to do.

benefit watts up;

I have a mini version of this and I don't see any reason to buy the full sized one because this lasts forever and I got it for free so there is that.

MAC lipstick in 'Velvet Teddy';

A nude lip is currently my favorite thing to wear and this lipstick is frankly one of the prettiest nudes I've tried.

MAC lipliner in 'whirl';

To team up with the lipstick I use this and it's honestly one of the nicest color I've tried and it also looks nice on its own.


The Wet brush;

I cut my hair this year and got rid of that awful ombre I had so my hair has been a lot healthier and I definitely think this brush helped to get rid of all the tangles in my hair and keep it looking amazing.


To remove;

I have probably not given this a lot of credit for how much I use it but as you will see in my empties post (which will be up hopefully soon) I use it everyday and I love it so much.

Face wash;
First Aid Beauty face cleanser;

FAB is such an amazing brand that has so many of my favorite skin care products but this is frankly the best face wash ever! And I can say that because I've very picky about things like this and this products is like everything.

Exfoliate, Tone, and Brightening;
FAB Facial Radiance Pads;

I have finished the larger one of this and now I have this travel sized one which I'm using, and this is a three in one product so its much easier for me and my skincare routine.

Face Moisturizer;
Neutrogena oil-free moisture;

I can't wait to finish this moisturizer, but I can honestly say that it keeps my skin soft and moisturized and its also lightweight which is nice.

Face Mask;
origins GinZing;

Which I like because its very cooling and make my skin feel refreshed and brand new. I would also like to mention that this is one which I use when my skin looks tired and it really helps to brighten up everything.

Glam Glow youth mud tinglexfolate treatment;

This is more of a deeper mask which I use when my skin is really tired and looks awful because it really helps make everything better and deep cleanses.

Body Moisturizer;
Vaseline Spray and Go;

If you are as lazy as me about body moisturizer this one is for you, it's so easy to use and you don't really have to wait for that annoying period till you can get dressed.

Spot Treatment;
TBS Tea Tree oil;

I have gone through one of these already and this really helps which any pimples or anything like that because after like a couple of times of using it its like nothing ever happened.


Topshop matte nail polishes;

I have three of these and they are all so pretty and the formulation is amazing, it dries quickly, looks really nice, and last a long time. I have the shades 'cryptic' which is red, 'cushy' which is a pale yellow, and 'confess' which is a lilac.

Essie apricot oil;

I don't use this a lot but when I do it makes my cuticles feel really soft and nice, it also smells pretty nice if you ask me.

Rita x 

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