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So last year I didn't have a chance to do a back to school series because we started the blog like late August, so everyone except us had already started school. So this year I will be doing a series and it will include this post which is like some products to get for school, a what you need to buy like clothing wise, a what to put in your backpack, and a few hair style ideas, I think this will be like over the corse of a couple weeks.

Now I will be dividing the products into categories and also I will be having both a drugstore and a high end option. So lets get started with this whole thing. I must first say that I am very excited for this series and I hope you guys like it.


High-end: the high end option for this is totally obvious for me and I had no difficulty in, I chose benefit the POREfessional because I love it and it doesn't leave me oily or anything which is nice and it also makes my makeup last longer.

Drugstore: now this is being constantly compared to the POREfessional but I must say its pretty different in a lot of aspects but its somewhat the same I guess. Anyway it's the maybelline baby skin and I must say it leaves me a bit oily and it comes out clear which I think looks odd.

High-end: I only have one option that I love and I would recommend 100% and it's the Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour full coverage foundation which I love because it lasts a long time and also looks better with time which I love.

Drugstore: the one I chose is medium coverage which is nice to cover up a lot of imperfections and it's the L'oreal true match foundation which I recently bought and I must say its pretty nice and also it looks like a milk bottle which I like. 


High-end: this is one of my new favorite concealer which I recently bought and it's the NARS creamy concealer which is pretty good coverage for under my eyes which is what I use it for. It also is very creamy and blendible which I like.

Drugstore: another new discovered concealer which I recently got is the maybelline instant age rewind which I must say that the consistency of this product is amazing and I have also found it to have pretty good coverage.


I only have one kinda recommendation and its from the drugstore which is good and it's the l'oreal true match powder which I like much more than the FIT me by maybelline. now this powder is pretty good but it doesn't keep me matte all day.


High-end: I only have a blush for a high-end option because there are so many good bronzers in the drugstore. The blush option is the Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blush because they are amazing and also come in so many shades, as well as the fact that they look better with time.

Drugstore: now I have a tun of options so bare with me please and lets start off with the blushes. The first one I chose is one if you are into cream blushes and so I picked rimmel stay blushed liquid check tint which is lovely and it gives a natural finish to your face.
Another blush that you can't go wrong with are the elf blushes which are 3 bucks.
 Now this is a blush and bronzer duo which is why this category is what I've called it, the duo I've chosen is the wet n wild coloricon in dusk till dawn. 
The last think I've chosen is the body shop honey bronzer as the bronzer option because I love it and it again gives a very natural finish.


High-end: the high-end one is a waterproof mascara which I must say I am heads over heels in love with it and it's the tarte lights, camera, splashes and I like it because it gives me longer lashes and also somewhat gives the appearance of them being thicker.

Drugstore: another very obvious pick of mine is the maybelline falsies mascara which is one of my favorites and my only pick at the drugstore to be honest . I love this because it looks like I have fake lashes on which who doesn't want that? Like looking like you have fake lashes on without the fuss with applying falsies.


High-end: this is in my monthly favorites because it's amazing and I love it to death and it's the Anastasia beverly hills brow wiz and I can't believe I have just tried it I mean the mac eyeshadow was good and all but this is just much easier to use.

Drugstore: i was watching one of the sprinkleofglitter and she was raving about the Milani brow fix brow kit and so while i was at CVS i picked it up and i must say i really like it because it has two brow colors and a highlight shades. it also comes with some tweezers which i think will be nice to use on fake lashes, there also is an angled brush which is nice to have handy and use for the brow colors.


Again only one recommendation for this category because I didn't feel like anything else was worth mentioning so I have chosen the urban decay naked basics because it's really all you need for school because you probably don't want to be the girl with the shimmery crazy eyeshadow look.

Lip Products:

High-end: now this is a tinted lip treatment which means that it's moisturizing for your lips and also gives a nice color and it's the fresh sugar lip treatment in tulip which is a medium kinda dark pink which I think would be awesome for school.

Drugstore: if you had asked me last year I would have chosen the revlon lip butters hands down but now I'm not that into them anymore and so I don't see the point of recommending them so I'm going to say the Nyx butter gloss because they also come in a tun of shades and are pretty nice if you ask me.

Rita x

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