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Hello everyone! Guess who's back!
Okay I'm way too excited to post because I feel like I haven't posted for ages although i only didn't post for 2 weeks which means 2 posts which isn't a lot if you think about it.. Anyways! I got back from Germany on Wednesday and I can't say it wasn't a blast. I went with my family and we had a lot of fun, I won't  go into details because there will be a whole series of posts about my vacation but since I bought a ton of stuff and I share a beauty/fashion blog with Rita, I think a beauty/fashion haul has it's priority.


I got my makeup from 2 stores,the first store is ludwig beck which is like a fancy sephora. first i got the 

laura mercier flawless face oil free kit in sand  which i heard a ton of good reviews on and the lady at the jo malone stand recommended it for my and my sister, oh and the ladies there are so nice! i would highly recommend getting your fancy stuff from there, and they gave us a bunch of testers so yay for that! 

  from douglas, i got the smashbox full exposure pallete which i heard not so many good reviews on but it was either this or the bobbi brown pallete but the bobbi brown one costed too much and i was on budget. 
also, i got the benefit watts up! highlighter which i tried before and loved.
 from the ysl counter, i got the rouge pur couture vernis a levres in 33 which is a gorgeous purply red. 
 also from ysl i got the le teint touche eclat foundation in B50 which is a perfect match for my skin.
 from the bobbi brown counter, i got the creamy concealer in warm natural and setting powder in pale yellow

i also got their infamous creamy blush in 31 hibiscus. 

from mac, i got the prip and prime highlighting concealer in bright forecast. i heard that its even better than the ysl le teint touche eclat highlighter so i thought i would give it a shot. 

also from mac i got two lipsticks, first one is in diva which is very similar to media but more reddish and second one is dare you, which is surprisingly again, a gorgeous red. 

brushes wise, i was planning to get a zoeva set but it turns out that douglas only has it on its online shop and i couldn't order it because when i started looking for it i was leaving in 5 days and the shipping usually takes 2 weeks to arrive and douglas doesn't ship outside Germany as far as i know. but anyways, i was devastated because the brushes were the most important thing in my shopping list, but then i did some research and i found out that the body shop has good brushes, so i got 3 brushes from there, the foundation brush, the face and body brush and the eyeshadow brush.
 from zoeva, i managed to find the buffer brush and the blending brush. 
 and the last thing i got is a contour nameless barbra hofman brush.
i also got 2 pairs of ardell eyelashes, first i got the natural black 108 lashes and i got the black 301 accent lashes. i also got  catrice's individual lashes mainly because i fell inlove with the packaging although its plastic. 


first of all, i was on the hunt for a good face scrub, because my skin was in its shittiest state possible because i haven't been taking care of it at all. so i looked around and the laura mercier flawless face scrub was the most raved about, so i got it. 

also i went to lush, and i got the ever so raved about bubblegum lip scrub which i love by the way, i also got the silky underwear powder, i heard plenty of good reviews on it and till now i have used it a couple of times and it really does what it says it does, so yay for that.

 from the body shop i got the vitamin e face mist and the  aqua face sorbet  which is brand new and i got the tea trea cool and creamy face wash ,

 also got the burtsbees beewax lipbalm. last but not least,

 i finally got the soap and glory birthday box which i have been eyeing for the last couple of months.

i didn't get a lot of clothes from there although everything was on sale, but i felt like i needed to get makeup because all the shops they had their were the same as where i live so yeah. from zara, i got this sort of black and white checkered top which i saw olivia palermo wearing and i really liked it and i saw it on sale so why not?

 also i got  these lovely beige cutout boots  for 30 euros (they were 100) which is such a bargain! i mean 70 euros down! that just has to get you. 


first, i got 2 cans of batiste's dry hair shampoo in floral and flirty blush because uts the best smelling one, i got a big can and a small can, i figured the small one will be useful for school to carry around. i was planning on getting the bumble and bumble sea salt spray and i found it in douglas but it was flipping expensive! like 30 euro for a 30 ml bottle? nope. so instead, i got the toni and guy sea salt spray which smells really good.


the only accessory i got was a rose gold  fossil watch I've been eyeing the last couple of months, i got it while i was on my trip to salzburg, and the ladies at the fossil shop there were so nice! although they didn't speak a lot of English, but again i can't speak German and i'm in their country so..


me and my sister got jo malone perfumes, i got  red roses which smells exactly like red roses so it smells pretty good. 


i got 3 nail polishes, first is eisse in ballet slippers because i was on the hunt for a nude white-ish color and this just stood out to me, also got wicked from eisse which is a perfect plumy purplish color (perfect for winter by the way). last but not least, i got a ciate nail polish in cookies and cream, which is again, a beige-y nude. 

again, i apologize i didn't post for two weeks, my wifi crashed before i traveled and there wasn't any internet where i was staying and i promise i will make it up to you guys.

Much Love Always.xx

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