My Skin Care Routine

I wanted to share with you all my skincare routine because my skin has been pretty good these past couple weeks so I wanted to share my skincare routine.

For removing; to remove my makeup I usually use Simple makeup removing wipes because it's really good and I actually really like it. Tip: store makeup removing wipes upside down so that they get dry slower and who doesn't want that.

To cleanse; this is an obvious one, first aid beauty face cleanser because it's the best thing ever and I have spoken about this a tun already and said so many amazing things about it, and saying it again just seems like wasting both our times.

Facial radiance pads?; this is the newest edition to my routine because I have been looking for it for a long time and then finally found it yesterday at the first aid beauty counter in sephora. I have heard a tun of things about these and I'm excited to try them out myself.

To keep the good kind of moisture in;  neutrogena oil-free moisture for combination skin and this one is an old favorite and I have been using it again because its very lightweight and it's not greasy at all which is why I like using it every summer.

An espresso shot for under your eyes; this is one of the best eye creams I've tried and thats because it's amazing. Origins gin zing eye cream is one of the best thing when you sleep at 4 am and wakeup at 2pm.

Mask it up; I like to do a face mask every week or so, and I usually use the body shop seaweed ionic clay mask because I feel like its goof for my pores and it makes them somewhat smaller and purifies my face, although on the downside whenever I have it on I look like a monster.

The miracle oil; probably the only full-proof way to get rid of blemishes is probably to use Tea tree oil and so I always use it whenever I think a pimple or blemish is developing or when I have one and it usually clears up in a few jours or so.

Rita x 

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