My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is in the end of the month so today I'm going to be showing you guys my birthday wish list so I don't have to show people what I want to tell them I can just direct them to this post, so here I go.

Lorac Pro 2;

I have the pro like original one but it broke and I just really need a new one or simply a new palette and I want this because it's a cool toned palette and the colors on it are really pretty.

Penny Board;

I have wanted one for so long that I just think buying it myself is my best odd of getting it but this is my last hope of getting it.

Canon Camera;

This one is mostly for this blog so I can take better photos because taking pictures with my iPhone isn't the ultimate thing for me and I would like to have good HD pictures.

Ray-Ban Lennon Look-a-Like;

These are the same pair that have been everywhere recently and everyone has been wearing them. People like Kylie Jenner have them and they are so pretty.

Saint Laurent 'Duffle 6' Leather Satchel;

I have been wanting this bag for ages and it's so expensive which is why I hesitated to put it in here but whatever. I think this bag is just beyond perfection.

Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Body Creme;

I tried this out (well more like sniffed it) while I was in vegas and it just smells so good and I just need it in my life.

Make up For Ever HD Complexion Starter Kit;

I mostly want this kit because it has a full sized foundation which I've been dying to try and also a primer which you can never go wrong with, it also has a powder and a brush all for honestly not that much.

Rita x

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