Las Vegas Haul | Topshop, Jo Malone,… etc

I wasn't planning on doing a Las Vegas haul because I had a huge haul up last month but I don't care and so I have another haul up and so I have a haul for you guys today.


The first thing I got is this white shirt thats from the topshop X Kate moss and it's a tank top with three layers that have scalloped edges. I must say that the straps are a bit big on me.

I also got this white sweater thats like 3D striped and is cropped, I must say that it's so pretty and I love it so much and can't wait to style it.

I wore this while I was there and got so many complements on it and its this sports tee thats both blue and green but also has a hint of yellow and its just so pretty.

You can never go wrong with a cropped sweater because they are really good for layering in A/W and so I got a gray one thats paneled but I couldn't find it online.

Next I have a cream shirt similar to many I have and I love this style its just like a basic cut and it was also on sale which is mainly why I got it.

This off the shoulder striped crop top is one that I never thought id ever get but I must say it's so lovely and looks very good on and I think it'll be fun to style.

I got two pairs of jeans the first pair are my true love Joni black jeans because they are the best jeans I've owned and I buy a pair almost every year and I love them.

The other pair I got are the Jamie knee ripped ones which are high waisted and black which I think looks really nice on and since its ripped on the knee it just looks cool.

I also got this flower band hair tie thing which you put after you have your hair in a bun or a ponytail and it has pink flowers on it.

I got a lipstick from there because their lipsticks are honestly amazing and so its this one its called infrared which a red-orange color.

I also got two nail polishes from the matte collection they have and the colors are cushy which I a yellow, and a purple one called confess.

Getting a pair of shoes from topshop is the best thing ever and so I got the tika2 which are slip-ons and also are textured.

I got this pack of necklaces and they are first off a pink chocker and a sunflower necklace which is golden and  I think is very pretty, the last one is a dolphin which is a mood necklace.

I also got this chocker with a crystal and is tied with a gray string and I like it a lot.

Forever 21;

I got two things are they are a red leather jacket that I think looks nice and I think it will look nice if I'm wearing an all black outfit and then this jacket.

The other thing I got is this backpack thats black leather and has gold detailing as well as that it has two side pockets, a middle one, and a large one.

Jewelry Convention;

I went to the jewelry convention that happens yearly and I got a few things and so here they are.
The first stall we went to was the only one which I know the name to and its called cheap chic and everything is $5 and I got a necklace that is like a yellow rock with gold.

I also got this rose gold bracelet that looks like its from pandora but it's not and its also very pretty and I think it will look good layered with jewelry.

Another thing that I bought for layering is this skull bracelet with black beads and as I said layering it will look nice.

The next thing I got is this necklace that has 3 squares and they are framed by purple beads and has some Rhine stones inside it, it also came with some earnings.

I got this necklace that is basically a circle that has a clear like frame and inside there are beads that can move around and I think it will look nice for layering.

I also got this necklace that is has diamond shaped things thats purple and there are 7 of them and it looks good with like a plain shirt.

This is such a pretty necklace and its this one thats gold and has black in the necklace part and then studs with silver/white alternating and it also comes with earrings which I gave to my mom because I would never wear them.

I also got this necklace that has flowers and some circles on it and it looks like you have two necklaces on when you put it on.

I also have this gold necklace that has a pink stone just like the oner yellow one but in pink and it's the type of pink that will show when you have something on.

This is another two in one necklace that consists of a longer pendant thats a rectangle with a black stone in it and then three kite shaped pink stones that are coming from under it, the shorter one is just a Rhine stone.

From the next store I went to I got this necklace thats filled with beads and I think it will look nice under a collard shirt with it peeking out.

From this next store I got a bunch of things because they were selling very simple and pretty jewelry that I liked so I got this hand thats rose gold and as I said very simple.

I got a bunch of rings and the first one has a bow on it and its rose gold, I also got this Pac man one thats silver, I got one thats like dimpled in and again is rose gold, another one has an eye on it, I also got one that has a wishbone on it, and the last one is like pointed out.

From the same stall I got this necklace which I could also wear as a bracelet, and it's a circle thats surrounded by stones and it is green-blue-ish and is holographic.

I also got these circle earrings that are surrounded by black stones then silver ones then just a black one in the middle.

And the last thing I got from this store are these earrings that have a stone on top and then three that go underneath your ear lube and they had three colors but I got the silver ones.

From a different stall that everything was for 2 bucks and I got this beaded necklace that has both black stones and white pearls which again looks good when layered.

From this different stall that was selling things from Turkey or like turkish styled jewelry and so I got this hand that has stones covering it and then one red one on the top.

The last thing I got I'm going to be giving as a gift and its this pendent that has navy blue stones and then silver ones and a blue stone in the middle.

Jo Malone;

I finally got a fragrance from them and it's the silk blossom one which is the new one that they brought out and I must say it's the best smelling one.

Rita x 

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