A Week In My Life | Vegas + ANNOUNCEMENT

So yesterday I came back from a four day trip to las vegas and it was the best four days food wise because we all ate the best things and it was so much fun. So today I'm going to be going through each day and what I did in that day.

Day 1:



for breakfast i had Starbucks and then we started out car ride from like 9:30am and then got to vegas at about 1:30 or so and the weirdest thing was that it was raining most of the way. after that i went to my room got changed and then we went to the mall and got a few things (ill have a haul up soon). at night i got dressed and we went to dinner in the forum and we ate at this restaurant called Trevi which was so good.

Day 2:

on the second day we had breakfast in the Terrace Point cafe. then went to the convention center, and there is a jewelry part of it, which we go to every year ,and i got a lot of things, but i must say i love my makeup that i had on today. after we got back to the hotel we went to a restaurant, that I'm not sure where it is, but the food is very good and its called  ghandi and it's an indian restaurant.

Day 3: 

We had breakfast the next day in the wynn's cafe, and I had a quiche which was very good and tasted like pizza. After that me and my mom want to the fashion show mall where I bought a few things from topshop and from urban and as I said ill have a haul up soon. After that we went to mon ami gabi which is in Paris and its one of the best restaurants.

Day 4:

this was a very off day for me because i woke up sick and i had nothing to wear so i had to wear a shirt that was too big and i was praying that i don't get a nipslip. we had breakfast in the cafe again and then went to the convention. after that we went back to the hotel and then when to red which is an amazing Chinese restaurant in the Wynn-which if you haven't noticed we stayed at— after that went to my cousins house in vegas and had tea and played with the rabbits they have and i must say rabbits are so soft and cute. we left vegas at about 10 pm and go back home at 4am.

Now on the announcement I have decided to start posting 3 times a week for this month and the days that I will be posting are Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays two of which I already did post on and so now ill be doing Sundays. I have done this because I have a tun of things to post yet no time to post them.

Rita x 

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