I hope you all are having a lovely Ramadan. This year, Ramadan came in the summer (which sucks), it's double as hard to fast. But over these past couple of weeks, I came up with some tips to help you get through this month.

 Now as a high school student, I'm now on my summer vacation, so thankfully, i spend most of my days at home. I cannot imagine all the shit people go through while driving and working or even going to school (as some still haven't finished). To get over all that shit, here are my tips, 

1- Take cold showers

While fasting, the best way to unwind to is to fresh up, and since it's summer, you're probably gonna be sweaty and tired, so what best way to end a day with this horrid, hot weather than with a cold shower?

2- Try to stay in

As going out may seem tempting, it's not. Going out to a restaurant with your friends and seeing them eating will make it very hard for you not to order, also, walking a lot will be very tiring for you, since you have no energy to do a thing, i mean i'm laying down right now and I'm tired.

3- Go swimming

Now I know this may seem weird, as swimming takes a lot of energy, but it does help to fresh you up. Try to just float, close your eyes and let the water move you.

4- Relax

Try not to stress yourself, specially if you're working. Go easy on yourself (specially that your productivity will be very low while fasting), try not to get angry. Just stay chill.

5- Distract yourself

This depends on where and what you're doing while fasting. For example, I'm at home with nothing to do, so I distract myself with writing posts and trying to figure out how the hell to take pictures with a pro camera. When I'm done, I like to binge on a TV- series. My most recommended TV-series' are:

A- Suits

Trust me, once you watch the first episode, you'll get addicted on finishing all of it

B- Friends

You can never go wrong with friends. This will cheer you up and make you laugh (except the last episode were you will hysterically cry ).

C- Hannibal

I only started wathcing this recently after a fail attempt to watch True Detective. This is so much better than true detective if you're looking for a criminal FBI sort of series.

6- Sleep in or take naps

Fasting will make your body really tired and weak, so nothing will re gain your energy like a quick power nap, or if you have the time, sleeping till 2 pm is the ultimate choice.

Luma x 

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