I am very excited for June ending and for everything coming up in the next few months. Today I'm going to be going through some of my favorite products which I have tried during June. Also shootout to the clouds which fucked up my pictures.

So I have been quite adventurous with lip products this month, and the CT Lip Cheat in Hollywood Honey has been something I've been reaching for. The color is a maroon red which you have a couple seconds to blend out before it fully sets and doesn't move.

Over that lipliner I like to layer the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Rita which is more of a blood red. what I don't like about this lipstick is it's so creamy and it never sets which is so annoying, because it gets everywhere.

Another lipliner I've been really enjoying is this Essence in Soft Berry which is so creamy and beautiful. I like this so much I can't even express how much. It's a very cheap product and I think I prefer it to MAC and to charlotte tilbury.

Since its been getting slightly warmer I have been using the Jo Malone Cologne in Silk Blossom, which smells very fresh and summer-y to me. It also has the best packaging where it's actually pink unlike the other scents they have.

 OITNB came out this month with season 3 which I binge watched in two days. I did however start the month with watching the first two seasons and I must say I love this series so much and it deserves all the hype around it.

I also finished Parks and Recreation this month which has quickly become one of my all time favorite shows which I will be re-watched over and over again.

I also watched Jurassic World this month which is so good! and definitely worth watching even if you haven't seen the Jurassic Park movies (like me). and Chris Pratt is such a babe

I created a playlist this month with some of my favorite songs which I have been enjoying. You can listen to the playlist here and its on 8tracks.

July is going to be filled with many exciting things and I'm planning on doing 2 posts a week like I used to do last year. I'm going to be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays which was my old schedule.

Rita x 

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