Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and so over the years I've acquired a few tips and tricks and I'm here to share them with you all today. These are mainly revolved around long haul flight.



1. Wear a Comfortable Outfit as there is nothing worst than being uncomfortable when on a plane. I usually tend to stick with wearing some kind of sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a baggy sweater.

2. Bring Two Sets of Headphones I know this may seem ridiculous but my Frends headphones can get a bit annoying so I have to switch to some type of earbuds, so both are essential.

3. Skin Care is one of those things which I have to always attend to when on flights. Using a moisturizer, a face mask, and an eye cream will just keep your skin healthy and just prevent dryness which is always a must, especially when you're going on holiday.

4. Lip Conditioner something like the Bite Lip Mask is perfect for flights as its thick, super moisturizing and conditioning to lips especially if you get really chapped lips (like me) when flying.

5. Bring Entertainment. I usually go on flights with a couple books, an iPad filled with podcasts to listen to, and a phone with my favorite songs. I also like to bring my notebook where I can draw if I choose to.

6. Snacks. I personally hate airplane food and just the thought of it is unimaginable to me. So from the airport I usually have to get some snacks or I pack some from home. I usually end up getting chips, a sandwich, and something to drink.

7. Makeup, I usually remove my makeup when I get on the flight with some bioderma micellar water and the at the end reapply whatever I need. I usually have a BB cream, a brightening concealer, something for my brows, and mascara.

8. Bring Something Comforting by this I mean bring something that will make you feel more at ease when traveling like a blanket or some cosy socks which you can slip into

9. Refresh, I always like to bring with me some type of face mist and I really like this one from TBS which is really nice but smells awful. I also like to bring deodorant, I really like the Dove one but any deodorant would just be fine, it really helps you just feel more refreshed especially when you leave the airplane.

10. Extra Clothes, whenever I know I'm going to go on a connecting flight I always bring with me an extra shirt and pajamas just incase my flight gets cancels, or my luggage gets lost, which has actually happened a couple times.

Rita x 

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