February Beauty Favorites

It's nearly March and so I have here my favorites for this month which I am pretty excited to do because I have tried a lot of new products this month and so I want to share them with you all.



I'm going to start off with skin care and I have been using this new eye cream which is the Khiel's creamy eye treatment with avocado which is AMAZING if you have not tried this you need to! It's so thick and when you blend it its kinda watery.

I have been obsessed with this lipstick, I mean everything about it is perfect. The formula. The packaging.  The shape of the tip. Just everything. And it's the Charlotte Tibury Matte Revelation in Glastonberry which is a very deep purple and it looks amazing on.

You shall be hearing me talk about this foundation for a very long time because I have discovered a new favorite. It's the Boujoir Healthy Mix Foundation because its super blendable, gives amazing coverage, and last a very long time.

I don't think I mentioned this in my last favorites because I had only started using it but now I can say it's the best mascara I've tried and I'm never going back. It's the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara it gives me length and I am obsessed with it.

I have talked about this product many times before and it was in my 2014 favorites and I have been using it a lot more this month and it's the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Can you tell I have been liking too faced lately?

Brows are personal to each person, but I do believe I have found a pretty good drugstore alternative to the Anastasia brow wiz, which is the Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil which is so easy to use and I even think I like it better than my Anastasia one.

Even though I just recently got this I plan on raving about it forever and it the Soap and Glory Lid Stuff in 'What's Nude?' which is the perfect nude palette because it has all the basic things you need for a neutral eye.

The Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush has the perfect contour/bronzing color because its matte and doesn't look awful on my skin which is saying something

Another candle favorite for this month must be my Bath and Body Works in Raspberry Peach  After which smells incredible!

After buying this and hauling it, I have been using this body mist everyday and it's the Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful which smells really fresh, so I like using it for school days. It smells really good and it also is pretty cheap so thats a plus.

Rita x 

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