Sorting Out My: Closet

Since i'm on my winter vacation and I have nothing to do i decided to sort out my closet. I haven't done that for quite a while now and my closet was basically begging for it and i thought i'd share with you guys how i sorted it out.
** I really am so sorry about how the pictures turned out, i don't have a professional camera  i use my iPhone's camera which is usually not so bad, but this time the pictures are just awful, again I'm sorry but i am saving up for a camera so the suffering will end soon.

Now I know sorting out your room can be a pain in the ass for lazy people like me, but to make it better, i like to set the mood. Try burning your favorite candle and put your favorite music on, personally i like something that'll make me sing along.

So basically I divided my closet into 4 big section, Top part,bottom part,right side (coats and dresses) and left side ( school uniform and pampering products).

-TOP PART: tops 

BEFORE                                 AFTER

I know it doesn't look much different, but trust me, the way i organized it made picking out outfits much easier. Now all you have to do is to arrange the clothes the way you want it be. I divided the tops into 6 different section, formal,button downs,jumpers and v necks,knits,basics and cardis. and each section is color coordinated.

Section 1: Formal Tops 

Silk shirts ( from black to navy),collared shirts( for black to navy) and a checkered top (white).

 Section 2: Button Downs

Plaid button downs (from maroon to light pink) 

Sleeveless button down (navy) and basic button downs (from white to baby blue) kind of messed up here but you get the point.

Section 3: Jumpers and V necks 

Jumpers (from blue to white) and V neck sweaters (from grey to beige)

Section 4: Knits

Striped knit (b&w) and basic knits (from light green to white)

Section 5: Basic Shirts

Basic shirts (from black to striped b&w)

Lastly, Section 6: Cardigans 

Basic cardis (from black to maroon) 

-Right side: Coats,jackets (including blazers) and dresses

BEFORE                                 AFTER


From black to light brown


Quilted jacket (navy) and Blazers(from navy to striped grey)


Well let's face it they're all different shades of black.

-Bottom Part: Jeans,Trousers and Tracksuits 

BEFORE                                 AFTER

Section 1: Jeans

From black to light blue

Section 2: Formal Pants and Trousers

Section 4: Sportswear

From black to white 

-Left Side: Skin care products and School's Uniform

BEFORE                                 AFTER

Section 1: School's Hoddies
Section 2: Skin care Products (deodrants,bioderma,body buuters..etc)
Section 3: School's uniform

Luma x

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