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So I did quite a lot of things on my winter break and most of the things were watching TV shows and checking out blogs and reading a bit of books here and there. These were my favorite:

Now most of the book i read is online except if i couldn't find a pdf which is quite rare because to be honest I don't find reading the book as a hard copy much different than online, plus it's free. Anyways I'll try to link the pdf to each book.

1- Kafka On the Shore - Haruki Murakami (X)

This book will take you places. It's brilliantly scripted, a bit hard to understand specially because it contains 3 stories mashed up together, but when you finish the book, everything will come together. I mean if this was adapted into a movie without cutting any parts, it would win oscars. And i would really like Aaron Paul to be in it. 

2- Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock - Matthew Quick

A really nice book if you're into simple stories. I mean the characters are kind of messed up but i felt like i could relate to each character in an odd way.

3- The Kite Runner - Khaled Hossieni   (X)

A beautiful beautiful book. The movie is also pretty good if you don't like reading.

4- The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephan Chbosky 

I actually never got around to finish this book but I did watch the movie so i know the story. anyways, this is one of my absolute favorite books. The whole idea of this book is really amazing and if you haven't read this before you really really should.

5- Looking For Alaska - John Green (X)

I know it's cliche of me to include this book but i mean come on John Green is freaking amazing and in my opinion Looking For Alaska is his best book yet. If you haven't read this before please click on the link. Just do it. Thank me later.


1- The Adventures of Charlie Crowe  (X)

It's actually Justin Chatwin's blog who is an actor, if you guys are familiar with a TV show called Shameless, he plays Jimmy. Anyways, I was actually checking shameless' cast after I got a bit obsessed with the show and i found Justin's profile on twitter and he tweeted a link to a blog so i thought I'd check it out. I'm so glad I did. I love adventure blogs and that kind of stuff and his blog is just amazing. I know how hard it is to find a blog or like read something about a trip and feel the excitement of actually being there. That's how i felt after i read some of his posts.

2- Sprinkle of Glitter (X)

I mean who doesn't adore Louise? She's one of my absolute favorite bloggers and I actually kind of look up to her. She's a mommy/fashion/beauty lifestyle blogger who you just can't get enough of, I seriously would have a fan girl moment if i met her.Which is kind of weird. Anyway, carrying on,

3-  Beauty Crush (X)

One of my absolute favorite fashion bloggers out there. Her style sense is quite amazing and her vlogs are quite entertaining too.

4- The Chriselle Factor (X)

One of the best blogs out there. Usually when i have no idea what to post, i check out her blog and get tons of ideas from her. If you're new to the blog world, wither you run a beauty,fashion or lifestyle blog, you can get some inspiration from her.

5- Weworewhat by Danielle  (X)

Hands down the best fashion blog out there. Her sense of style combines classy and street fashion, and the result is pretty awesome.

TV Shows:

1- Orphan Black

You seriously can't get sick of this show. Each episode has a bigger plot twist than the other,the characters are amazing and the script is brilliant, what more do you need?

2- The Blacklist 

It's got FBI and a mastermind criminal who's after other mastermind criminals. Oh and how bad ass does James Spader look in the poster? I mean come on wouldn't you want to watch the show after you've seen this poster?

3- Shameless

A masterpiece. And it has Justin Chatwin, Jeremy Allen White and Emmy Rossum which i adore.

4- Hart of Dixie

To me It's a guilty pleasure show. I mean it has a really hot country guy and a hot lawyer who are constantly fighting for the same girl. What more can a girl want?

5- The Mindy Project 

When I first heard about it, i thought it was just another stupid TV show but after I watched the pilot, boy was I wrong.

6- Breaking Bad

Why the hell haven't you watched breaking bad yet?

7- How I Met Your Mother

Again, a guilty pleasure show that I actually started to enjoy a lot, but the ending sucked. I still haven't forgiven the writers for the ending

8- Manhattan Love Story 

I seriously don't get why they cancelled this show. I mean it's better than hart of dixie! There's only 1 season of this but it's quite nice.

From A to Z

It looks like a cliche but it's the total opposite. Though I only watched 2 episodes, I think it's a lovely TV show that's worth checking out.

Luma x

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