What's In My Carry On Bag | Winter 2015

 So winter is coming to an end I totally forgot t o do a what's in my carry on bag post but it's not technically over since there's a blizzard outside. Anyways, here's what i have been carrying around lately in my bag:

I actually got my bag recently and i'm so happy with it. I have no idea what its called, but my friend got for me from the NY outlet for 240$.

Micheal Kors Wallet
L'occitane's lavender Hand cream
Lacoste Perfume 
Bobby pins 
(i actually found this hack on Pintrest, you put the bobby pins in the tic tac bottle and every time you want a bobby pin, you just take it out. Brilliant right?)
Rayban Aviators
Maybelline's big eyes Mascara 
Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer 
Burts Bees Peppermint lip balm
Maybelline's 10 hr stay Lip stain in
Tempo Tissues
 ( you might wonder why the hell i'm carrying German tissues with me and i don't live in Germany but when i went on holiday there i bought 2 big packs and barely used any there so they went home with me)
Double mirror (forgot where i got it from)

Luma x

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