My Week In Pictures | London

So every time I travel somewhere I usually do a week in my life and so today I'm doing that, and the place I went to (which you will see a haul for soon) is London and so today I'm going to show you pictures from each day and telling you what I did.

Day 1;

t-shirt and backpack - zara
flannel - brandy melville 
jacket - reformation 
jeans - topshop
shoes - converse 

I was on the plane pretty much all day so there aren't much pictures but after we reached the hotel we went to high street Kensington to shop and I picked up a few things from urban outfitters and topshop. 

Day 2;

I honestly love this makeup look so much and so I'm going to be wearing this a lot more because I just am loving it.

i thought this looked pretty cool because of the brick wall and it also looked very british to me

 As a person from a country where everything is backwards I really appreciate this.

So I decided to wear a skirt today even though it was freezing but I loved how the outfit looked and the fact that we were in oxford street really didn't help but I loved the look anyway.

At night after coming back from the high street, we went to our cousin's house and had dinner there which was actually really good and it was fun.

Day 3;

sweater & jeans & scarf - topshop
shoes - converse
backpack - zara

one of my favorite restaurants and it's so sad that we don't have it in California because it's amazing and it tastes so good

On this day we went to Westfield mall in shepard's bush where we spent the whole day shopping and it was so much fun tbh and I got a tun of things.

Day 4;

I kinda experimented with different makeup looks and so this day I went with a shimmery golden eyeshadow which looks kinda taupe-y in pictures with a very dark purple lip which I got from charlotte tilbury.

Dress - Zara
tights - primark 
jacket - reformation
shoes - dr martens 
bag — mulberry 

so this day we went to Knightsbridge and i think we spent like at least 3 hours in harrods just looking at things then we just walked around in Knightsbridge,

At night we went to this Brazilian restaurant in Victoria and the food was so good! And there was so much of it.

Day 5;

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Jacket - Reformation
Shoes - Dr. Martens 

I don't have many pictures from this day because we went to my aunt's house and then went shopping, however we ate at a pub near the river themes which was so good and super cozy, and I really enjoyed it. After we ate we went to our cousin's house so again no pictures but yeah.

Day 6;

We went to oxford street and went shopping with my mom and her friend and then we had lunch in Selfridges (the picture on top is the display) and it was really chill and fun.

Day 7;

This day was spent in an airport which is annoying, but we ate at this Italian restaurant at the airport which was amazing! Everything we got tasted so good.

Rita x 

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