Small Spring Haul | Part 1

hello lovelies, hope you're all well.x
So I've picked up a few bits and bobs these last couple days and thought you would like to see them ( I picked up a lot of stuff so I'm dividing this haul into 2 or 3 parts, this part is a Zara haul 
 )  . So Let's get on with it shall we! 

So zara has it's seasons sale and most of the items are actually from there and their shoes (spoiler) so if you don't like shoes and zara what is wrong with but anyways.

First of all I picked up these lovely booties from zara. To be honest I wasn't looking for boots at all but I saw these laying on the floor and they were my zpsize and I just couldn't say no. They were 70% off, I mean what a bargain. Heels are okay (bout 8 Cms tops) and they're actually quite comfy for a night out. Oh and they were featured (ohh big words) in my last post which was my Current Obsessions.

Also picked up this lovely white tee for 7.50 and some basic black Jeggings. Really do like these Jeggings but they're veryyyyy comfy.
Also picked up these lovely oh so comfy loafers. They're pointy toe,brown and comfy. I
It's a beauty.
And this. I thank god for such a beautiful creation. These are the comfiest pointy toe flats ever. Npbut the problem is that because my up feet are quite wide and fat, it doesn't quite compliment my feet
But oh well.

and that's the end of this haul, part 2 will be out next week( I hope so) 

Have you been as naughty as me this last couple of months? 

Much Love Always.xxx

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