Current Obsession: Greys

Hello lovelies, hope you're all well.x so sorry this post was late but i will post twice today.
anyways, here's the stuff I've been drooling over recently: 

Zara's boots ( seasons sale)
Bath and Body Work's Marshmallow Fireside 

Lately I've been obsessed with Zara, mainly because they have their massive sales now and who doesn't love a good bargain? 

to be honest i've been eyeing the mini city bag for a while, and finally i found it, i wanted the black one but i couldn't find it at all, but i thought i'd change a bit so i picked up the grey one, and to say i worship it is an understatement. it was in my  January and February Sales Haul. This is perfect for a person who doesn't carry around that much of stuff but needs a big bag for future plans that may or may not happen (aka me).

the booties are a whole different story, i haven't been planning on getting these at all, i didn't even know zara had something like that. But when i was there i saw them laying on the floor, AND THEY WERE MY SIZE! i think God wanted me to have them. they were like 60% off and i just couldn't say no. plus they're comfy and their heel is bearable( about 8 cms tops).

and last but not least, the bbw candle. i've been candle crazy these past couple of months ( cant believe its march already what) recently i have been drooling over this one. smells exactly like marshmallow and coziness( yes it does have a smell deal with it). 

what have you been drooling over?

Much Love Always.xxx

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