My Everyday School Makeup Routine #3

I like to change up my makeup routine like every few weeks because i usually get sick of it and since i last did an update of this i have changed my routine about 2-3 times, yes that how much i change it, and so since school started i changed my foundation and everything to accommodate that.

To start off, I like to prime my face so that my makeup would last all day. I have noticed a big difference when I do prime my face as opposed it not. and for that i have been liking the benefit porefessional because it's really the only one that has worked for me and made me feel and see a difference.
For foundation I have recently picked this out of my foundation pile and fell in love, it just gives me this flawless satin glowy skin that I love and it's the rimmel match perfection in 010 which I believe is the lightest shade. i always get a tun of complements whenever i use this and people always ask me what foundation are you using and its usually this one. I just blend this out with a damp beauty blender and its just amazing.

For concealer I recently went back to the collection lasting perfection in 2 which everyone raves about and i totally see why, i use this under my eyes and on any redness that my foundation hasn't covered up. I blend it out with a sephora 57 airbrush concealer which I don't I have every mentioned before which is odd because i love this brush.

And to cover up any blemishes I use benefit boi-ing with just my fingers because its the easies way and the faster one as well. sometimes i might use the same damp beauty blender just to blend it a bit more.

For my brows you all probably guessed this, I use my mac omega eyeshadow and 266 brush just to fill them in, and this routine has been pretty constant since like the first one of these which was back in august so that saying something.

I also have been using my nyx blush in pinched which is one of my favorite blushes in the world. I apply it with a real techniques blush brush.

i have been recently into bronzer again after like 4 months of it just not always being there but i was using hola for a while but not everyday and now I've gone back to my maybelline dream sun in matte light.

lastly just to lock everything in i like to powder my face with rimmel stay matte and I'm so sorry mine looks awful, it broke on the plane when i was coming back from dubai and so i had to tape the cover together, and if you can see the product on the inside broke as well so thank you airport security.

and then because I've spoken a billion times about my lips here i am yet again, and this time i would like today I've been using fresh sugar rose which is one of my all time favorite lip balms.

Rita x 

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