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Hello lovelies hope you're all well x so I should probably apologize for not posting anything for a week. And no I haven't been busy, but my internet was absolute shit the last couple of days and i even couldn't save this post because the internet was that slow, and here I am re writing it, woho! And I need to set proper days to post because I haven't been exactly posting in my days..  But the bright side is I went shopping yay! And I did score a lot of bargains that I didn't need but in my defense  EVERYTHING was on sale. So here's what I bought: ( this post is so long by the way I'm sorry)

Usually I never go in mango, but they had this huge sale and I just went there because who can resist 75% off on everything? So first of all I picked this lovely silky navy blouse, its so incredibly soft. I picked it up for 9 which is nothing because this is actually really nice quality. It'd look amazing tucked in black high waisted pants, it's oversized so I picked it up in medium.

Then I went to zara, they had their annual seasons sale,but I didn't like anything. But the second time I went there they had their new collection, I've been eyeing the city bag and I actually found it but I thought it was too big for me because usually I never carry around that much, so I spotted the mini version of it and I fell in love and I just had to pick it up because my old bag is falling apart. I'm inlove with it, it has the same compartments, but smaller ones, the middle section definitely fits in your iPad, I have and ipad 3 and it fits in perfectly, anyways this is an amazing bag and if you're looking for a -small yet fits a lot of stuff- bag then this is the one. Picked it up in grey because to be honest I wanted to change up a bit.

and i got the cutest shirt ever! it has a collar shocker, actually me and rita have it hah, anyways its lovely quality, it wasn't on sale though because it was in the new collection.you can rock it bascially on anything and its lovely. you can find it here.

Then I went to massimo dutti, I usually never go there unless I was shopping for boots, but I saw this blouse and I just couldn't  resist, I don't usually go for this kind of tops but I was looking for a formal white-creamy top for fancy dinners and stuff. And it's really nice actually, plus it comes with a silky lace top you wear it under the sheer part I'm sorry I forgot what it is called I suck I sorry, but you can wear it alone and it'd look pretty nice.

the last place i went to is gap, usually i never go there. i watched lily pebbels haul and i just couldn't resist checking the sweater out, and i'm so glad i got it! well i didn't get the exact same one because i'm not a fan on cable knit pattern on sweaters so i found this. this is the softest most cosiest sweater ever. gap has such good quality sweater and zip up hoodies, plus they have their massive sales now if you want to a bit of shopping. these sweaters come in 3 colors, grey,mint and light  navy blue, i went the navy one because the mint one doesn't exactly flatter my kind of skin tone because i'm quite tanned and they didn't have my size in grey.

Bath and body works were having their season annual sale, and I picked ALOT of stuff, first of all I got 2 showers gels in paris amour and moonlight path.

For triple body moisturizers picked up one in sea island cotton,
 also picked up a shower cream in, again sea island cottoon
 candle wise I picked up 4, in cranberry woods, nutmeg and spice, leaves and marshmallow fireside.

 I picked up 3 hand sanitizers in vanilla snowflake, crisp golden pear and fresh sparkling snow.

Much Love Always.xxx

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