How I Style: My Curly Hair

Hello everyone, hope you're all well.x
So spring is on the doors and I won't be straighting my hair much because it's all about the waves this season ( I guess). But anyways, let's get on to it!

** I have curly hair (danielle peazer curly) so what I do won't work in all of you guys, plus I have ombré  hair, I dyed it a long time ago so I don't use moustrizing creams at the ends anymore. And this is for quick everyday wash, nothing fancy.

First off all, I wash my hair using the VO5 give me moister shampoo which leaves my hair super soft,  then I condition my hair using the Dove anti damage conditioner (whichmells heavenly). while in the shower, I apply a tiny but of the Pantene oil replacement  on the ends of myhair  to soften it up a bit.

After that, I dry my hair with a towel. Then I use Loreal amplifying mouse. Love this stuff, it defines my locks in a lovely way, and believe it or not it does quite reduce the frezeness of my hair. I just basically put quite a bit on my hand and just work it through my hair(while my hair is damp). Then I just basically play around with it till I like it.Usually in spring, I let my hair air dry but in winter (well it's winter anymore but it is cold outside) I blow dry it. Before I blow dry it, I spray the wella pro series heat protect shine spray all over my hair, let it sink in for a bit. Then I carry in with blowdrying my hair, I basically just scrunch and blow dry my hair until it somehow look presentable. 


And that's half of the post, I will complete the post (where I'll actually show you my hair and some hairstyles). 
Hope it helped in any kind of way!

Much love Always.xxx 

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