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On tuesday I posted the beauty part of this post and here I am today posting the clothing side because I have been doing a bit of shopping in that department as well.

So the first store I went to was American Apparel and I got these high waisted shorts that I owned last year but I lost believe it or not, so I got the dark washed pair.

I also got this shirt and scrunchy for the forth but I ended up not wearing either. The shirt was from the men's section and both things were on sale.

I have been eyeing the disco pants for so damn long and I finally got a pair of black ones because they look so nice on.

Also I got a gray crop top because the ones from american apparel are my favorite ones and this one is no different as well as the fact that I didn't own a gray one in my collection.

And that last thing I got from american apparel are these pair of rings that was free and I picked up gold ones with red because I didn't have anything like that.

When I was at Nordstrom I was at the Topshop section and I picked up this white crop top that has like round cut edges and is super lightweight.

I found this dress that is black and has a bunch of different patterns in white on it, and I actually wore this on the fourth because it was super lightweight and it was cold outside so a maxi dress was perfect for that.

While at the counter to pay I found these super cute sunglasses that I apsaloutly fell in love with. They are round and I have been on a hunt for a pair like these, they also have like a metal line going from one lens to the other.

I also got Nike free 5.0 shoes in black and white which are so light and are the best thing ever! And I am so excited to style them.

From UO I got a bunch of things, the first thing is this black and white shirt that says YOU SUCK which I love and its from the men's section.

Also from the men's section I got this transformers tee which is my favorite movie EVER and so when I saw it I just had to get it.

Pajama shorts have been an amazing socially acceptable way to wear flawy things in public and so I got these printer ones that have lace on the bottom and I think are super cute.

I got black-on-black converse which are high tops and I am in love with! I just can't wait to style them and wear them.

I also got this sunflower dress that I just flawy and perfect for summer because I can style it up or down and would look amazing as a swimsuit coverup or something like that.

I got a white shirt with a blue like hand thing on it that has skulls and flowers and it just looked awesome I also got this from the men's section.

I went a bit crazy when I was at Brandy Melville mostly because I haven't been in there for so long. so the first thing I got was this navy blue hoodie that is so soft and also pretty thin so I think I might be able to run in it.

I also got this gray crop top with some black detailing on the neckline and sleeves which is super soft as well, and it's such an easy piece to style.

On similar lines I got a black crop top with white detailing much like the gray one but this one is not as soft but more paneled for their one side fits all thing.

I got two flannels and so I just put them in one sentence thing, I got a red/black/blue one and a blue/white one and I am defiantly planning on picking up like a couple more of these because they are super comfy and baggy and are perfect!

Also I got a denim jacket because I saw one of the people in the store wearing it and I was in love. Its pretty baggy and it's a light wash which makes it so pretty to wear.

I have been on the hunt for a white tee shirt that is baggy and I can wear without any second thoughts for a pretty long time and I have finally found one that is actually amazing.

Brandy Melville rings are the cutest things ever and so I got two, one thats has a blue stone on it and one that looks vintage and old.

This was in the reduced section of BP but if you can get your hands on it you should because this top is adorable, its striped and it has bows on the back.

I also got this midi ring thats gold and has four rhinestones on it.

While at cotton on I got this striped crop top thats kinda high necked and very stretchy that was like 10 bucks so I couldn't not get it.

Rita x

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