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Ever since I got back to the states I have been extremely busy due to the fact that I have been moving and all, therefor after we furnished the whole house I have started to shop again for everything but mostly clothing items and makeup items because lets be honest what the hell else am I supposed to get?

So I have separated this large collective haul to two parts a beauty/makeup one and a clothing one because I got a lot of things and making one huge haul is very unnecessary. This is the makeup/beauty haul and the clothing haul should be coming up soon.

I'm gonna start with what I got from Walmart because thats the first place I went to when I came back.
The first thing I got was this wet n wild pallet in comfort zone which is what everyone was obsessed with last year and now I get it, the colors are so pigmented and there is a beautiful array of colors.

The next thing I got was this revlon blush in naughty nude which as the name applies its a nude that would look amazing on one of those days where I want to blush but I don't at the same time.

Another thing from revlon which I got was their matte balm in striking spectaculiare which is so damn creamy and yet matte and beautiful I think this is my new favorite red!

The last thing I picked up from Walmart was this L'OREAL lipstick that I think is from their nude collection that everyone had some very strong opinions on, and I got the shade Julianne's nude and I think it's the perfect nude for me.

Next I went to trusty old target and picked up a few things as well, the first thing I got was from maybelline and it's their dream pure BB that they recently released but I have no idea what shade this is in except the fact that it was the lightest.

I have also picked up this NYX butter gloss which I have been dying to try and also it smells like vanilla, I got the shade vanilla cream pie.

Its odd that I have got so much thing from Revlon this haul and yet  gave one last thing and its from their color stay collection, this is the moisture stain and I got it in India intrigue.

I have finally came around to purchasing the Rimmel scandaleyes kohl kajal liner and I got it in nude and I have been using this on my waterline.

since i have used up/got ridden of almost all my mascaras except one and so i had to go get some mascaras (i will be picking up more) and when i went to go get a new falsies i decided to go for something different and so i got the new maybelline mascara which is there pumped up! colossal which i must say wtf is the wand? and why the hell is there two bumps on it?

And the last thing I got from target was this Elf blush in tickled pink which is a shimmery pink color that is like a nude pink.

The next place I went to was sephora which as most of you know by now I love and hold dearly to my heart, the first I got is the Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion in eden just because the original one was sold out so I opted for this one.

I got the mini version of the Tarte BB cream because I have been dying to try this and didn't want to spend my money on the larger one. 

I also got a nail polish kit thing thats from the brand Formula X and the name of the set is X the system and it came with a cleanser, primer, your choice of a color, and a top coat. Since you can choose your own shade I picked out the shade supersonic.

Since I had used every single drop of my porefessional from benefit I picked up a new one in the full size version because I have been using the mini one and I don't want it to run out.

The last thing make up wise before we get to the skincare is the most beautiful blush and most beautiful makeup item I own, it's the Hourglass ambient lighting blush in dim infusion which I'm sure you have all seen or heard about before so I won't bore you with it again.

I also went to Bath and body works and got some candles here I have a mini little mahogany teakwood which smells like abrecrombie and fitch, I also have garden strawberry, and red velvet cupcake. I also got some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in vanilla berry sorbet, beautiful day, and Caribbean escape.

Rita x 

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