Resorting My: Accessories

It's been quite a while since I sorted anything in my room, and it's that time of a year were i basically go crazy and start re sorting everything because I've had enough of school and I'm thinking too much which starts worrying me and sorting distracts me. 

I actually don't own that much of accessories since I really don't wear them a lot, but I do have a few basics. My accessories were everywhere before i bought the box, I used to have them in old small boxes and they would be a tangled mess. I bought this box from Zara home, it was for 60 JDs which is actually really good since its really good quality. It has 3 layers, first layer actually has glass on top of it so you'll see whats in it. then the 2nd and 3rd layer are drawers.

In the first layer, I have whats left of my earnings and rings since I had to give away a lot of them. I also have my watch and my most worn necklaces. 

In the 2nd drawer, i have my chunky necklaces. I only have two but i'm looking forward to buying more because my god do they add up to an outfit. 

The 3rd drawer is currently empty but I'm planning to put in it more chunky necklaces maybe? I still really don't know.

Luma x 

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