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I've been ordering for the past 2 months a ton of new make up since most of my make up was either expired or finished. I've looked for products which had a really good review on, and I have been using these products now and the least to say is that I'm in love with them. these were my favorite out of the delivery. 

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow 

I have finally had the chance to try the ever so raved about ct sculpting palette, and I can now see why everyone has gone crazy about it. Both of the bronzer and highlighter are amazing, the texture of both is the perfect in between of buttery and powdery. The lasting of it is now so amazing, but it lasts more than any foundation or highlighter I have ever tried. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand

I actually got this last year and I didn't use it because it was winter again, but now that the sun i starting to come out (FINALLY) I started wearing this because you simply cannot wear a high coverage foundation in 30 c weather and look good. This has very little coverage but is SO smooth on your skin AND it doesn't dry out your skin which is perfect for me. I haven't been breaking out as much (thank god) and I think it's because i'm not putting any make up on since school you know
YSL anti-creme Concealer in 2 

I was looking for an under eye concealer since I couldn't find the Maybilline under eye concealer which was and still is my absolute favorite concealer for brightening up your under eyes. I asked the guy at the store and he recommended this to me. The price was suitable for YSL, I looked its review up on makeup-alley and it got 4.0 out of 5 which is incredible so I took it right away. The review did not lie. This concealer is amazingly creamy, it lasts longer than you think and gives a lovely glow to your skin. When i first wore this i got a lot of compliments on my skin which I usually don't get on. 

Mac's Lip liner in Burgundy 

To be honest I wasn't planning to get anything from Mac but when I saw this on Selfridges I just had to buy it right away. The lip liner itself is not amazing but the color is. It's a very sort of plumy red color which i love and it's really light so you can get away with it as an everyday lip color in the summer. A trick i use is that i apply 2 coats and then i put a coat of clear lip balm.

Luma x 

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