As MUN is a few weeks away, I've been back at my comfort zone, were I sit in my room and plan outfits and see what I'm missing and what I'll be wearing, here's what I have in my mind for this year's conference,

key pieces:


I. formal basic white top

As a white top is a key to any outfit, I figured this year I'm gonna play by the rules but with a twist. After intensive stalking of my favorite blogger's outfits this past couple of months, I noticed that the tie shirt is getting popular, and it actually looks so good. So I got one from Zara which was included in my haul last Saturday. 

 day 1:
 the opening ceremony

fur waistcoat : ZARA
top: ZARA
pants: RIESS 
heels: ZARA

II- a statement top

Statement pieces always give that 'holy shit that's dope' factor to any outfit. This year, for tops, I choose a very long black top to wear pants with. 

day 2:
lobbying and merging

top: ZARA
trousers: MAX&CO
sandals: OFFICE


I- the basic formal trouser

A must in each closet. I always like to build my closet using key pieces like this. Here's how I paired it,

high neck: 1 2 3 
trousers: COS
loafers: ZARA


comfy heeled sandals

As a 5'8 girl, it's a bit hard for me to wear high heels as I'll look too tall. Also my feet are not a big fan of them, so that's why i opt for heeled sandals, as they're comfy and look good.

heeled sandals: OFFICE


The perfect excuse to wear flats to a formal event.

loafers: ZARA 


 As the gala dinner is a formal dinner, you've gotta put everything you can in. A dress or a jumpsuit to me sound perfect.

dress: -
heels: ZARA

Luma x 

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