This christmas my family and I decided to spend the holiday away from home and specifically in Cyprus. So here the pictures from my trip and everything I did while I was there.

Christmas Eve;

We got there Christmas Eve and after we went to the hotel and got settled for a bit we headed with our relatives to Finikoudes and the only reason I remember the name is because of the snapchat filter. We went into this restaurant called Kalamaki Bar which has the best shawarma and the surging size is huge so I would recommend sharing them. 

Christmas Day;

so we started the day by going to our relatives house and they live right next to the beach so i of course had to take pictures of the sea because its one of my favorite things to do. we went on a drive around the island to realize everything was closed for christmas so we went back to Finikoudes and went to the restaurant next to the one we went on christmas eve and they have amazing curry and really good food. that night we went to a club called Ammos Beach Bar and they had a concert which was really good but it was in a different language so i understood nothing.

Christmas Day 2;

 We went to the Turkish side of Cyprus since we were staying in the Greek side the whole time. We did a little bit of shopping while in the Turkish side then we went to a restaurant and they have the best food, can we tell this trip was mainly about food? 

Christmas Day 3; 

We went shopping then to this traditional Cyprus restaurant that serves their traditional food which is so good and the restaurant is called Militzis which again has an amazing view of the sea. This day was basically when we hit the shops because they had finally opened.

Last Day;


Our flight was at night so we had a full day to spend. We ate seafood on the last day and sushi which was so good but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant. After that we went to go get coffee in Coffee Corner and I got hot chocolate, they we headed to the airport.

Rita x 

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