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 It's been ages since I have done a beauty post, specially a review. So here I am,
writing this post for you guys. Anyways, I have been testing out some 2 kiehl's products which are the midnight recovery eye cream and the rare earth deep cleansing masque. 

Rare Earth Deep Cleansing Face Masque 

I had really high hopes for this. When I first bought this, i was so excited to use it since it took 4.0 out of 5 on make up alley, but when I first opened it, it looked very creamy. I tried it on, the texture was nice but not mask like. When I washed it off, my skin was the same, nothing happened really. I used it again later, again, no result. 

Midnight Recovery Eye Cream 

Can you spot me in the background? haha. My sister actually gave this to me because it didn't give her enough moisture. I actually had no idea what this eye cream does or if it will work on my skin or not. When I first tried it, I instantly saw the next day amazing results, I figured out that it was for black circles which i deeply suffer from since you know, school doesn't exhaust me at all. I think I have used this 20 times now, my black circles are practically gone, the puffiness around my eyes have reduced making me look some what natural and this cream gave perfect moisture for my under eye area since i have combination skin which happens to be oily in my under eye area. 

Result: Eye cream wins! I highly recommend getting this eye cream if you have black circles like me and as I mentioned it before, if it works on you your black circles will be gone in no time. 

Luma x 

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