My Friday Morning

After a week full of stress, anxiety and exams, It's finally Friday. Now where I live, Friday's are Saturdays, and Thursdays are Fridays. So basically it's the weekend. I was super busy this week and the week before because of my first month exams, which I did pretty good in them if you guys were wondering, but my grades have gone down a bit because everything was put all together in one week. So right now, I'm in desperate need of a relaxed weekend with a tiny bit of school work.

First of all, I started off my morning with washing my face as everyone does and brushing my teeth

La Roche Posay effaclar face wash 

I went down to the kitchen to prepare this lovely simple breakfast because as you guys know, my cooking skills are not the best. 

I then spent the day catching up on the Blacklist since I had no time to watch the new episodes.

 If you guys are looking for a new tv series to watch, watch the blacklist! This is not an ad or anything it's just the show is too good. I then continued to work on my computer project Which'll bore you guys out. I'm sorry my life right now is not that exciting but summer is coming soon so yay! Hopefully lots of things are gonna happen in this summer and I will be the first one to write detailed posts about everything.

Luma x 

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