October Favorites

so october has come to an end and i seriously cannot believe how fast it went by but thankgod time is passing so quickly which means my birthday is coming up (its 3 months away) so yay! anyways i thought i'd share with you guys what i've been loving this month.

I actually have been using this every time i go out because its just that good. This is honestly the first foundation that feels good on my skin and lasts quite a while. 


I just want to take a moment to salute Sleek on this beauty. It's everything you want in a brow kit.Good tweezers, applicators that are usable  and a gel that doesn't look like a sharpie when you put it on. plus, it lasts a really good time. 


I really wanted to try a mascara from l'oreal and this just blew me away. I actually like this more than the falsies which is like my go to mascara. I highly recommend trying this. 

Kylie jenner is known for this gorgeous nude pinky shade she puts on her lips, so i did some research and it turned out she uses mac's brick-ola (not so sure about that) and you have no idea how surprised i was because i have been eyeing this for so long and it turns out it's been  discontinued, but i actually found it which is very surprising. anyways, this is a beautiful shade that literally suits everyone. 

 I re watched beautycrush's christmas videos mainly for winter outfit/makeup inspiration and in one of her videos she mentioned she was on the hunt for a vampy color for winter and she said wicked is very nice so when i went on vacation i got it and i recently started using it and i cannot tell you how much i love this color. though i'm not a big fan of essie, but this is the first color that just screams winter and vampy colors and all that lovely stuff.

The lovely ladies at the body shop once gave me testers for masks, and when i tried the blue corn one i shit you not my skin felt baby smooth and oil free after i washed it off. so i basically ran the next day to the body shop and got it and all i can say it's been well loved (its half empty woops).

Music wise, I've been listening to a lot of arabic rock bands like jadaL (yes with a capital L), one of my absolute favorite songs for them is zad el sheib. also ya zein by el morraba', the 1975's medicine and last but not least sawsan by mashrou' leila has been on repeat for like 5 days or so.

yes so i have noticed that i haven't posted for 6 weeks or so.. and i do apologize for that, but to be fair, freshman year has been a bitch and i just finished 2nd month exams and i have a bit of free time so hopefully i'll be spending that time on the blog writing posts and brainstorming for new ideas.

Much Love Always.xx

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